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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Office Team Building

Office Team Building

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Lisa Spencer
Written by Lisa Spencer  On  February 16, 2012   5456   3
Valentines Day
We placed a bag of cookies with hot chocolate on the residents door with a card. We love our residents here something sweet and to warm your heart. From our staff at Catawba Apartments. Office staff had heart shape cookies and coffee for Breakfast/also for furture Residents. March Event Having a Irish stew with cornbread, and cooked caggabe for the residents for Lunch and Dinner pictures to come!!!
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Mary Beth Skinner
Written by Mary Beth Skinner  On  February 16, 2012   6163   1
Team Building- The Retreat at Schillinger Apartments, Mobile, AL
One great way that builds the relationships in our office is CREATIVITY. The Retreat is a community that strives on resident events, social media and what's new in the apartment industry. Everytime we come up with something that is just so stinking cute, we feel the bond and it makes us strive even more to find the next best thing. With our community on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, we love to broadcast who we are about. As a Manager, I have a wall in our office devoted to inspirational leasing and team building quotes. Whether the quote is something that we have come up with as a staff or I have discovered online, its a quote to make us stop and think. My latest motivational piece is LEASING which stands for LISTEN, ENTHUSIASM, ATTITUDE, SERVICE, INTERACTION, NEEDS and of Course GLOSSY. Glossy is...
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Written by Cindy  On  May 27, 2011   4733   1
I would like our office to be treated for all the hard work and dedication of our employees. We have a Great Boss, and I think He deserves a little recognition too!! We are so thankful, and appreciate all that we are offered and have received.
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Written by Scott Ferguson  On  May 19, 2011   5027   1
After years of soliciting feedback from residents following work that our maintenance team has provided inside their apartment homes, we decided that it would be appropriate to pull out a completed "Rate Your Maintenance" card out every month and find which maintenance team member's name is written on the card. The name is then the recipient of a gift card. By doing this, it has helped to boost morale on the team and encourage maintenance to do their part in ensuring residents continue to return Rate Your Maintenance cards back to the office. It is win-win-win, all the way around!
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Stephanie Graves
Written by Stephanie Graves  On  May 18, 2011   6593   1
If You Build It... It Has To Stand
This Team Building game allows you to see who the leaders of a group are, allows for discussion about the importance of clear communication, clear instruction and 'thinking out of the box'. Great for office staff and maintenance, as well as multiple sites or multiple managers. You'll need enough people to make teams - suggest min. of 6 people to have 2 teams of 3. This activity works for groups from 6 -- 100. Materials Needed: Enough straws so that each team has about 100 each - typically purchase 1 bag per group. Facilitator gives instructions: "You are to build the tallest free standing structure without talking using the straws provided - BEGIN - you have 10 minutes and the structure must stand for 30 seconds." Observe the groups and make notes about who emerges as the natural leaders, who goes...
13 apartment party results - showing 6 - 10  
1 2 3  

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