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Office Team Building

Team-building Airlock Fun with Staff Members
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Team-building Airlock Fun with Staff Members Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 02, 2017   4667   0
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Team-building Airlock Fun with Staff Members

The fun is not only for residents! This week’s event is full of exciting activities for your own community staff members. 

Planning this event has two purposes. First and foremost, it lets your staff take a break from work and heat to have some fun. Secondly, these activities promote team work and strengthen your staff’s bond as colleagues. 

Spaceship airlock

What you’ll need: 

•Leg ties (e.g. strips of fabric, ribbon, or rope)

•5 hula hoops

How to play: 

This game is somewhat similar to a three legged race. 

Image source: Web Japan

Except in this activity, the legs of the participants are all tied to each other – making it a many legged race. It’s a fun-tabulous challenge! 

Five hula hoops are placed close together in a straight line or group. Each hoop will be thought of as an airlock of an imaginary spaceship. 

The goal for the team would be to step steadily into and through all of the five hula hoops without falling. If one member waivers, they would be sure to bring down other team member because they’re all “connected.” 

This activity facilitates teamwork and active communication, skills that carry over into other areas of your work as well. Be ready for an afternoon or evening full of laughter and squeals as all the team members help out one another to reach their destination. 

This activity teaches useful team building skills amidst the fun including; the value of interdependence, unity, effective communication, steady movement, and team coordination. 

Here is a video clip of the game in action:

Step on the mat


Image Source: Kitty Groups

Another fun variation of this game involves placing several mats about two-three feet apart. Ask the team members to keep one foot on each mat and to keep moving forward - without stepping on the ground. 

Blind line

Image source: Teambuilding Games

Another challenging activity to play with your staff members is the “Blind Line” game. In this game, each of the team members is shown a card with a random number which may be from zero to nine. 

Each of the participants are then blindfolded and have to communicate their numbers to the other team members without speaking them verbally. This may be done by tapping on their hands, or simply writing the digit on their team members’ arms. 

The ultimate goal of the game is to make a line with the first member having the smallest number and the last one having the largest number on their card. 

The video below demonstrates the game in action: 

In addition to the high entertainment factor of this game, it also teaches the power of non-verbal communication to enhance problem solving skills. 


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