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Office Team Building

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Kelli McDaniels  

Multi-Family Feud Hot

Written by Kelli McDaniels On  November 08, 2015   12171   0
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Last month, as a team building exercise, our staff played "Multi-Family Feud!" 

We started off by creating a survey of questions related to property management and with the help of our Multi-Family Insider friends, we were able to get lots of truthful, interesting and hilarious answers! 

Once we had all of our answers, we downloaded a customizable Family Feud Powerpoint that we found here ( 

To prepare for the game, we set up two tables on each side of our projection screen. One table was for team 1 and the other side for team 2.  We also placed a small table in the middle with a call bell that we purchased from Office Depot. We connected our laptop to the projector and were ready to play! 

To make the teams random and fair, we had each employee draw a number from a jar that ranged from 1-4.  Everyone who drew a 1 was considered team 1, everyone who drew a 2 was considered team 2 .. and so on. Once the teams were formed, we let them choose their own team (Family) name. They wrote the name on a piece of paper and when it was their turn to play, we attached it to the front of their table. 

The first game consisted of Team 1 and Team 2. The second game consisted of Team 3 and Team 4.  The final game consisted of the winners from both of the previous games. In our case, it was Team 2 and Team 4. We had an area manager act as the "host" who asked the questions and coordinated the game.  A second employee from our corporate office was responsible for keeping the score and a third operated the powerpoint. 

The winners of the final "championship" game received a small 1st place trophy that was purchased from our local trophy shop and cost around $4 each.  We also had a few drawings, where our employees had the chance to win paid days off. 

All in all, it was a great time! We were able to get our employees out of the office, bond and have a fun time laughing, joking and cutting up with each other! It's a wonder how something as simple as a few hours away from the grind, a game and door prizes can change the dynamic and recharge everyone's batteries! 

If you would like to try this activity with your staff, I will be more than happy to share the powerpoints we have created. At the time, I do not have a list of the questions and the answers, however, I'm will be more than happy to email the powerpoints to make set up quick and easy for you! Trust me, the creation of the "game" on the computer was the bulk of the work! 

I'm not sure if I can upload the game to this post.  If not, you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will send them your way! 


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