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Office Team Building

If You Build It... It Has To Stand
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Stephanie Graves  

If You Build It... It Has To Stand Hot

Written by Stephanie Graves On  May 18, 2011   6725   1
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If You Build It... It Has To Stand
This Team Building game allows you to see who the leaders of a group are, allows for discussion about the importance of clear communication, clear instruction and 'thinking out of the box'. Great for office staff and maintenance, as well as multiple sites or multiple managers.

You'll need enough people to make teams - suggest min. of 6 people to have 2 teams of 3. This activity works for groups from 6 -- 100.

Materials Needed: Enough straws so that each team has about 100 each - typically purchase 1 bag per group.

Facilitator gives instructions: "You are to build the tallest free standing structure without talking using the straws provided - BEGIN - you have 10 minutes and the structure must stand for 30 seconds."

Observe the groups and make notes about who emerges as the natural leaders, who goes off on his/her own and how they interact.

Once completed you can award a prize. Then begin the conversation about how teams operate. A few questions to ask may be:

Would the task have been easier if you could talk?
What would have made the task easier?
Was there a natural leader in the group? Why?
Did you find other ways to communicate besides talking?
Did you find other tools to use to build? (some may find tape in the room)
Were you given clear direction?
How did you work together withouth talking?

A fun activity to see how they interact - maintenance people typically love this because many don't want to talk in class and they get to build something which many feel more comfortable doing.

Hope you enjoy!!


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Stephanie Graves
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Diversified specialist

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Anna Towns
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Great activity Steph!! Love it!

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