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2 weeks ago
Snow Bowling 2 weeks ago

Among the joys of winter are ice and snow sports! The combination of sun and snow is just perfect to enjoy a day outdoors.

Select a day with sunshine to have a Snow Bowling tournament along with other fun snow activities with your community residents.

While bowling is usually an indoor sport, bowling outside in the snow can be simply spectacular!

Break the Ice

Locate a large open space with lots of snow. Make a lane (or multiple lanes) through the snow using a shovel. Smooth down your bowling lane using a large wooden board or sleds. Then set up your 10 pins in a 1/2/3/4 triangle.

Use real bowling balls and bowling pins for tournament play!

***TIP*** Call bowling alleys for supplies! They often sell or donate used bowling pins for cheap.


Image Source: Vilaswi

How to Play

For fun (and not tournament play) make two teams of people and allow each person to have two turns to hit as many pins as possible. Make a note of the team with the most pins knocked over and offer a gift at the end. Also, to make the event more thrilling, you could put a time limit on the shots each player can take.

The winning team can then be further divided into two teams who will play against one another. Similarly, individual competitions among community residents can also be held.

If you have a limited number of players, you can also start a true bowling game. Here are some scoring rules for briefing your residents. It may be helpful to print out and laminate a few copies. You can also download and print your score sheets here.

***TIP*** Remind the residents to wear non-slip boots, warm coats, and waterproof gloves to avoid accidents and frostbite.

Pair Bowling with Other Snow Activities

The event may also be paired up with other games such as snow tug-of-war. Tug-of-war is fun as it is! Imagine the amusement of people plopping down in heaps of slushy snow. 


Image Source: Pinterest

For snow tug-of-war you will need:

·         A large open space of snow

·         A long rope

·         Two (roughly) equal size and strength teams

Here’s a video showing how fun a game of snow tug-of-war can be.




2 weeks ago
Food Truck Fridays 2 weeks ago

Here’s another fun suggestion for residents: a food truck every Friday!

Everybody loves food! And eating out without having to go out is also a great way to socialize with other members of the community right near home.

Arranging a food truck every week is a wonderful way to bring the community together to share a delicious meal they may not have ordinarily tried. It can introduce your community members to new things, and even open up intercultural dialog over a shared love: FOOD!

When choosing your visiting trucks, ensure the prices of the available dishes are reasonable to your average resident. This way more community members can participate.

Also, be sure to get the word out well in advance and post many reminders for residents so the food truck owners are able to make coming into your community worth their while!


Image Source: YaleDailyNews

Select Trucks with an Attractive Exterior

To make a good impression, and also to attract more people to the food truck, it is essential that the look of the truck stands out. 

To help the owners of the truck you can supply extra waterproof decorations such as:

·         Balloons

·         Fairy lights/Christmas lights

·         Fake vines

·         Flags and banners

·         Tiki lights

·         Or other culture-specific and cuisine-specific decorations!

Add other eye-catching decorations around the truck and at the gate of your community to give the visiting food truck a festive and inviting look.

You can also set up outdoor seating if the weather is suitable, or set up tables and chairs indoors for residents to munch on their meals.

Locate a Parking Spot

Select a spot that in your community that’s high traffic so community members will see the parked truck. Parking the truck next to the office or community center is a great option. Ideally, the surrounding space should also be large enough to accommodate modest seating as well!

Posting a signboard or sandwich board by the gate will help with visiability and serve as a reminder that it’s Food Truck Friday. It’s a great visual reminder, since parking the truck next to the gate will disrupt the traffic flow and be impractical.


Image Source: Restaurant Engine

What to Serve

Mobile food trucks serve a variety of things from fast-food to ice-cream. However, it’s best to notify residents of the menu and pricing in advance so they can plan accordingly.

For instance, in winter, people love having anything warm – so a food truck that serves spicy dishes, or soups and other hot beverages is ideal!

And while residents will always love on-the-go hot food - such as French fries, cheeseburgers, tacos, and hot dogs - don’t be afraid to bring in more unique, artisanal, and ethnic trucks into your community.  

***TIP*** You may want to add freebies to your food truck such as candies for kids, or a few free meals to the first few visitors, to ensure more people turn out.

Take a Poll!

You know your community best, and you should feel open to suggestions from them as well.

Ask for truck recommendations or hold a vote for what types of food your community wants to see next. Keep changing it up with lots of variety until you hit on what works best for your residents!

3 weeks ago
Senior Citizen Prom Night 3 weeks ago

This fun event is a senior citizen prom! We often forget that the aging members of our communities also need recreation and a little festivity. This can help them de-stress from their daily lives and recapture a bit of their youth.

This event is designed for community members 55 years and older, but you may want to allow senior citizens to invite a younger family member as a “date” if they wish!

Planning the Event

Ask for input regarding the prom from a few outgoing senior community members. They will be able to guide you better about their preferences and how to makethe event enticing.

***TIP*** Ensure arrangements and space for wheelchairs and any other special needs your elderly attendees may have.


Arrange a DJ who can play a variety of recorded tracks from different decades. If possible, also arrange a live or tribute band to add to the excitement.

Select a Theme

Select a theme that the elderly citizens will love. For instance, a popular movie theme could be selected from the 1930s, 40s, or 50s. Masquerade balls and Mardi Gras are also timeless prom themes!

***Bonus*** Arrange for corsages and boutonnieres for all your guests.

Set the Mood through Appropriate Décor

Lighting, floral arrangements, decorations, scents, and other elements of the theme will help to pull off a wonderful prom party.

If the theme is from a movie (for example, Gone With the Wind) cut out life-size pictures of the actors and place them at the hall entrance. Also, cover the walls with old movie posters as well!

If the theme selected is something ornate like a masquerade ball; be sure to provide the guests with feathered masks, and serve snacks in silver trays!


Image Source: Pixabay


Prepare prom party appetizers for the guests. Here are a handful of excellent recipes for a prom party in addition to the traditional cookies and punch.

Making the Event Accessible


Image Source: Sunnyskyz

Some seniors may not be able to dance, so other interesting activities should be planned for them. For example, arrange casino tables, card games, fortune telling, board games, and photo booths!

Karaoke is another potentially fun activity to add to the evening’s enjoyment.


***BONUS*** Remember to hold a prom king and queen vote throughout the event. You can announce your prom king and queen towards the end of the evening with a special ceremony and gifts for your winning couple!

3 weeks ago
A Feast for Forest Friends 3 weeks ago

Wildlife is an important part of every community and your critters should be looked after in the winter months. This clever activity involves making a giant snow cake for local wildlife!

This family-friendly activity is both enjoyable and educational. The idea is to do something fun for the kids as well as help them understand how weather affects local bird and animal foraging patterns. 

If you don’t live in a suburban or rural area, this activity may also involve a “field trip” away from more densely populated areas or even to a local park (check with your city about needed permissions!) 

Things You Will Need

·         Carpool arrangements if traveling 

·         3-5 big shovels

·         Small shovels for little kids

·         Food items such as whole and sliced vegetables, seeds, grains, dried corn, berries, etc.

·         An open area with lots of snow

Ask the parents to dress up children in warm clothes, as they will be working and playing in the snow. Additionally, also ask parents to swap or top their fabric gloves with plastic or rubber ones, so that their gloves do not get wet while building the giant snow cake.

Make sure to locate a suitable and safe place for this activity a couple of days before the event.

Making the Giant Snow Cake

Give out the shovels to children, and gather snow in three heaps. Shape out the snow into a giant snow cake, with three tiers.  Once the structure of the cake is ready, ask the children to top up the cake with carrots, seeds, grains, and berries.

***BONUS*** To make the cake look tastier, paint the snow in different colors with sprayed-on food coloring! To paint the snow cake, you would need various spray bottles with warm water and a few drops of food coloring.

imageImage Source: Friends LSP

Once the cake is finished, ask the children to leave the space and watch how the birds, insects and other wildlife come into sight to have a feast.

***TIP*** Remember to take photos of the kids during and after the activity.

Other Fun Outdoor Snow Activities

Viewing the snow as a canvas, encourage kids to also color and draw in the snow!

Use spray bottles, water and a few drops of food color to make different colors of your own “snow paint!” Let the children get creative and paint whatever they wish!


Image Source: Fun Family Crafts


***BONUS*** Sprinkle leftover food items from the previous activity to attract more wildlife to the paintings and make them more beautiful.

3 weeks ago
“The Polar Express” Pajama Party 3 weeks ago

This event is for the kids: a movie night in their pajamas! The movie for the event is “The Polar Express” as it’s a perfect film for the winter season.

All the children - and parents too - are going to simply love this event. Ask the children to come in their pajamas and also bring along their blankets, pillows, and small stuffed toys for cuddling! 

Prep and Planning

Time the event around six in the evening: well before children’s bed-times. If they get sleepy during the movie it will spoil the fun.

Arrange a large open space for the kids so they’re able to lie down and watch the movie. Also arrange mats, rugs, or a carpet to make the floor comfortable.

A big screen is a must. Bring out the magic in the film in larger than TV format by renting a projector screen if you don’t already have one in your resident community.

Get the heating going! If your space is chilly in afternoons and evenings, consider turning up the heat an hour in advance. You can also renting a couple of portable heaters to warm up the space for the kids.


Image Source: HomesHealth

For refreshments, plan hot cocoa, buttered popcorn, and goodie bags of other snacks and candies.

***TIP*** The goodie-bags and refreshment table can be decorated in a Christmas theme which will add to the festive movie night experience.

Pre- or Post-Movie Activities

A letter-writing station can be set up in a corner for the kids can write letters to Santa. Put out papers, pencils, crayons, envelopes, festive stickers, and tape so children can use their imagination and get creative with their letters!

***TIP*** Later, these letters can be given back to parents.


Image Source: TheChaosAndTheClutter

Similarly, a snowflake craft station is another enjoyable activity. For this kids activity station, you’ll need wooden craft sticks, ornaments or gems to decorate the snowflakes, feathers, snowflake shaped stickers, silver or ice-blue glitter, and glue.

All in all, the movie night, snacks, and crafts will be a memorable winter holiday-themed event for the kids in your community.

2 months ago
Pet and Resident Photo-Shoot 2 months ago

This special event that involves both residents and their pets! The event will show resident pet-lovers you care and create a bonding opportunity among the community pets (and owners!)


Photography Arrangements

You'll need an experienced pet photographer who knows how to capture pets beautifully. We also suggest making it an outdoor, morning, event as the natural lighting will make the photos naturally artistic. (Outdoors will also make it easier to clean up!)


Use Props

Using props can take the photo-shoot fun to another level. It will make the photo-shoot more fun and lively. Props can include items like hats, bow-ties, glasses, sunshades, or hankies. Ask your photographer what types of things might be best to keep on hand.


Image Source: Pixabay

***TIP*** Depending on what time of year you plan this event, you may also want to add other holiday-themed or seasonal props as well!


Ask the Residents to Come with Dressed-Up Pets

For some added fun, ask the residents to come up with dressed up pets. Or even to dress like their pets!

***BONUS*** This could also be made into a competition for best-dressed pets. You can arrange a few small prizes for the winners. For example, gift certificates, toys, or new collars for dogs and cats.


Make Them Pose!

Photo shoots are most amusing when you pose, and almost every animal loves to ham for the camera. Each pet has their own quirks, so ask the residents to bring out their pets’ comical sides as they pose for photographs together. These light and carefree moments are the most memorable.

Bulldog glasses and pipe

Image Source: Pinterest


Treats and Snacks

To make the event comfortable and cheerful, offer snacks for the residents as well as their pets.

Treats for the animals is a must, as are some water dishes for thirsty animals. Make separate sections for dogs, cats, and birds. Add treats for everyone to munch on while they wait for their turn to get their photos taken.

For residents, refreshments can include items like coffee, sandwiches, and cookies. 


Pet of the Day Award

One last suggestion is to give out a “Pet of the Day” award. This could be awarded to the best-behaved, good-looking, or well-dressed pet - whatever criteria you choose to go with!


After the session, get everyone's contact details. Remind residents to pick up their photos from the office in two weeks (or however long the photographer needs to process the photos).

2 months ago
Snowballs Reading and Activity 2 months ago

Winters sometimes make the children extra wiggly, especially when they can't go outside to play. This snowball event is the perfect way to get rid of all that pent-up energy!

It's most suitable for children aged three to seven but older children may also have fun participating. The activity includes reading the book “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert followed by indoor activities related to the book.

The event can be organized at your community center, or if needed at a local library.


Indoor Snow Activities

Several indoor snow activities can be organized after reading the storybook. For example, a snow dough station, indoor snowball fight, and a snowball shovel race.


Snow Dough Station


Image Source: The Chaos and the Clutter

Creating a snow dough station will allow children to experiment and get creative. Here is a five-minute recipe for making your own snow dough! Once created, it can be placed in a number of trays or plastic containers to minimize the mess.


·         2 cups cornstarch

·         1/3 to 1/2 of a cup vegetable oil

·         3-4 tablespoons silver glitter

·         Glycerin (optional)


1.      Knead cornstarch with oil until it takes the form of smooth dough.

2.      You may also add in a few drops of glycerin to make the dough softer and smoother.

3.      In the end, add in the glitter to give the snow a magical look!



Add in accessories at the Snow Dough Station that would allow the children to come up with unique play ideas.

For example, add small items such as buttons, little snowflakes, rubber stamps, stencils, and more. Let the children create whatever they wish.

Some children might even want to build a snowman, so make sure you have lots of snow dough at hand!


Indoor Snowball Fight

imageImage Source: The Creative Copycat

Another fun activity for the evening would be an indoor snowball fight! All you need for the snowball fight would be around two-dozen fake snowballs and a group of energized children! You may buy soft snowballs from Amazon, or you can even make your own snowballs from white yarn.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your very own soft snowballs.

***TIP*** The snowballs are super soft, so it's okay to let the children play without any rules!


Snowball Toss through a Snowman


Image Source: Pinterest

Yet another exciting activity for the day's activities would be snowball toss! You need a snowman made out of a foam sheet.  Make a hole in the middle of the snowman and ask the children to take turns and toss the snowballs through the snowman.


Snowball Shovel Race

This game gives the children an adrenaline rush. For this game, you will need:

·         Cotton Balls or fake snowballs  for the “snow”

·         Spoons as the “shovel"

·         Bowls

·         Timer or stopwatch


Image Source: Housingaforest

How to Play

1.      Give each player an equal number of snowballs, a plastic spoon, and a bowl.

2.      Race to see which player can scoop the most cotton balls off the table and run across the room to drop them into the bowl in a minute or less.


3.      The players are only allowed to use their spoons to scoop the snowballs in the bowls.

2 months ago
2 months ago
Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus 2 months ago

Breakfast with the Clauses will be a thrilling event for the children in your community. The event will take a little planning, but will be a source of immense awe! An indoor event would be most suitable for everyone’s comfort.


Pre-Event Preparations

The main attraction would require two volunteers (one male and one female) to dress up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Costumes for Santa and Mrs. Claus will also need to be made, purchased, or rented for the event.

Prepare and send out invites to the residents telling them about the program, timings, and location of the breakfast. You could also consider specifically inviting parents and grandparents of the children as well!


Add a Color Dress Code

Adding a color theme to the event will make it even more picture-perfect. Ask and encourage all the residents to come wearing clothes that are red, green, or white!

imageImage Source:Pixabay


Planning Your Menu

Chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies served with tall classes of milk or hot cocoa would be a wonderful combination and complement the morning event really well. However, you can also serve up a fuller breakfast with treats like peppermint pancakes or waffles, and other holiday-themed breakfast buffet goodies!

Don’t forget to decorate at the event with things like candy canes, gingerbread men, and marshmallows to enhance the festivities.

You may also want to add to the theme by purchasing Christmas-themed disposable paper cups, plates, napkins, and other decorations!


***BONUS*** Make a few dozen ornament-shaped cookies to make the event even more fun.


Photo Booth and Professional Photography

At events like this, photo shoots are a must! While there will be photos being captured everywhere around the room (and especially with the Clauses) - having a separate photo booth is a great idea!

Here is an example of some Christmas party photo props which will go really well with the event:

·         Reindeer antlers

·         Ear-muffs

·         Winter scarves, hats, and gloves

·         Elf ears and hats

·         Snowflakes of all sizes, or a snowflake garland

·         And of course, Santa hats!

A box full of fun props is sure to make the children, and even adults, happy to play a bit of dress up.

You'll also want to arrange in advance with a local professional photographer that will do the hard work of organizing and taking all the shots of children sitting with the Clauses.

***TIP*** Play some festive and upbeat Christmas music to the event to make the morning merrier!


Letter Writing Station

Last but not least, organize a table with papers, pens, and envelopes. Ask the participants to write or draw their wish lists to the Clauses. Children can either give their letters to Santa by hand or put them in a special basket or decorated box which the Clauses can “take along” when they leave.

***TIP*** Remind parents to add their child's full name to the back of the letters their child writes to Santa. This can stop by the office to pick them up later for some help with gift ideas!

2 months ago
Facebook Scarecrow Selfie Challenge 2 months ago

With Autumn here, it's a treat to spend the afternoons and evenings outdoors in the crisp air. It's also a great time to take advantage of the cooler temperatures! For a competitive community event, plan a thrilling outdoor challenge for your residents. This seasonal activity is geared towards adults and teenagers.


How to Play the Scarecrow Selfie Challenge

Residents will be required to look for clues on your Facebook page about where the community's scarecrow is hidden. Whoever finds the scarecrow has to prove they found it by taking a selfie with the scarecrow and posting it publically on your community Facebook page. The winner will receive a gift card to a store of your choice from management.

***TIP*** before you plan this event, you can choose to ask residents to each donate a few things from their homes to build the scarecrow as a community activity. Asking the residents to participate in making the scarecrow will add to the fun and excitement!


How to Make a Scarecrow

Making a scarecrow can be exciting yet daunting if you have never done it before. The things you’ll need to make a sturdy scarecrow include:

·         Hammer

·         Scissors

·         Old clothes

·         Boots

·         Two 1x2 wooden sticks:  One 6’ long and one 3’-4’ long

·         Twine

·         Nails

·         Straw or dried grass

·         White pillowcase

·         Thread and needle as needed



1.      Take the two pieces of wood and make a large T shape by laying the horizontal piece of wood over the vertical piece. (Remember to insert the shirt between the vertical and horizontal sticks!)

2.      Hammer the frame together using the nails and hammer.

3.      Tie the waistline and sleeves with twine. Now stuff the shirt and pants with dried grass or straw. Sew closed as needed.

4.      You can also attach pants and boots to the scarecrow frame.

5.      Fill up the small pillowcase with straw and place it on top of the "T" to make the scarecrow’s head.

6.      Finish it off by adding details such as a face, hair, hat, etc. You may want to sew the pieces together to make them extra sturdy.

For more ideas, here is a step-by-step guide to creating a scarecrow.

Once the scarecrow is ready, find different places across the community to hide it every day for a week. Carefully but firmly hammer the frame into the ground.

Once you have your scarecrow in his hiding spot each morning, place clues on your Facebook page to guide residents to its location.

You can start with harder clues and work your way up to easier clues (noted below) as the day goes by without a sighting. Don’t forget to encourage the participants by mentioning the gifts they'll receive to create interest, healthy competition, and some hype.


Ideas for Hiding Places + Clues

Here are a few ideas that could be used throughout the week.

Day 1: Hide the scarecrow beside the office computer

Final clue: “The scarecrow went out to research something for school.”

Day 2: Hide the scarecrow under the playground

Final clue: “The scarecrow watched the children play from his little hidey-hole.”

Day 3: Hide the scarecrow by the pool

Final clue: “The scarecrow was sad because he didn’t have a swimsuit.”

Day 4: Hide the scarecrow near the community center

Final clue: “The scarecrow was nervous because he had to deliver a speech.”

Day 5: Hide the scarecrow near the vending machines

Final clue: “The scarecrow was famished and was looking for food.”

Day 6: Hide the scarecrow near the gym

Final clue: “The scarecrow was looking to build some muscle!”

Day 7: Hide the scarecrow near the on-side laundry

Final clue: “The scarecrow wanted to wash his clothes.”


Winning the contest!

It’s recommended to do this event Nov 16th-22nd (The week leading up to Thanksgiving).

Remember, after residents check the Facebook page for clues or walk around the community on a hunt, the first resident to find the scarecrow each day and post a photo with him on the Facebook page is that day’s winner!

3 months ago
Roller Skating Night Out 3 months ago

Roller Skating is making a comeback in a big way! From roller derbies to roller date nights, more people want to experience the thrill and fun of roller skating at their local rink!


It's easy to rent or reserve a time for your community any night of the week. Call your local roller rink to inquire about group discounts and other booking requirements.


No Skates? No Problem!


It's not likely that many people will still have their old sets of skates or blades. But no worries…the rink has them on hand to rent!


Roller rinks sometimes provide rental skates as part of admission fees, so there is no reason to bring your own! However, do check the policies of your local rink ahead of time to understand what services are included with their group rate admission fees. There may be an additional fee to rent skates.


***TIP*** Remind residents to wear socks and shoes to the rink, not sandals. Otherwise, they will usually have to buy a pair of socks before they can wear their borrowed skates! Alternatively, you may want to keep a few extra new pairs of children's and adults socks available for residents just in case.

Pick a Theme


Take your outing up a notch!


To make things even more fun, ask the skate rink management about the possibility of doing a theme for your community skate night! Encourage dressing up in costumes with games, prizes, and more!



Image source: Pixabay


You can also ask the rink to play a range of hits from any recognizable decade: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00’s and present day!


***BONUS*** Did you know your community night at the roller rink can be holiday-themed as well. When's the last time you went to a roller rink for a community-wide ugly sweater costume party? I'm going to guess never!


Make your own new community traditions with a holiday-themed roller-skating night on the town! Your community skate night event is sure to be a big hit with young and old alike. Skate on!

3 months ago
Super Spikeball Tournament 3 months ago

Spike ball is an action-packed game that is popular and super easy to play. To encourage some healthy competition between residents, you can organize anything from a few pick-up games to a full-on tournament!


Learning to Play


For those unfamiliar with the sport, having a few lessons and practice games ahead of the tournament will be helpful for people to get the hang of serving and scoring. While the game and point system are both similar to volleyball in a lot of ways, there are also some important differences.


If you and your residents have never played before, here are some beginner instructions!


Additionally, serving is one of the more difficult skills to learn. Here are some more tips for mastering your Spikeball serve.




Here, you have a few options….


Go Authentic!


Buy an official set or two and extra Spikeballs from the actual company. You can also watch tutorials and learn how to play round-net and Spikeball from the people who created it!


DIY Round Net Setup


There is no shortage of online tutorials for making your first DIY round net. Additionally. handballs or tennis balls make a good substitute for the official Spikeball design.


Your maintenance team should be able to make a DIY spike ball net following these instructions.

Or this method is another way to go about it as well.


Game Modification Ideas


***BONUS*** Here are some “official” game modification ideas you can do to make play even more fun or accommodate different ages of players! Ideas include things like changing the ball you use, changing the rules, or changing up the number of players!


Host a tournament


Hosting a tournament is no different than any other kind if team tournament play. Register teams of two in advance and then make an easy elimination tournament using a printable template listing all the teams! (See this post for additional community tournament ideas and tips.)


Round net or Spikeball a lot more fun than you think! Each game is bound to attract quite a crowd due to its unusual nature. So hype it up, get residents registered, and have a super spiking great time!

3 months ago
Wine Down Wednesday 3 months ago

Sometimes you just need something to get you through the work week and “Wine Down Wednesdays” are the perfect way to get over the hump!

Pick some feel-good movies


This is where you can have a bit of fun! When choosing movies, you can either aim for modern favorites or old-school classics.

Think cult favorites from your residents’ teenage years, and other fun classics that will leave your residents with the warm and fuzzy feeling on their way home. Your choices may depend on the seasons, but you’ll all have more fun with movies that people know the plot inside and out!

Romantic comedies are great, but try to stay away from genres like thriller, horror, and overly loud action films. The idea is to leave your residents feeling relaxed and at ease after they leave your event - not amped up with adrenaline pumping through their veins after leaving your clubhouse!


***BONUS*** If you don’t want to show a movie you can also other activities into the wine and snacks mix like canvas painting, live music, dancing, poetry readings, open mic. nights, or even self-improvement and TED-inspired talks from local residents!


Tantalize the taste buds!


Serve a variety of hors-d'oeuvres and other simple snacks!



Image source: Pixabay


This is where you can get a bit fancy if you like and serve up both simple and elegant appetizers to accompany the wine.

Make up some tasty cheeseboards, and serve up appetizers both cold and hot.

***TIP*** Stock you mini fridge ahead of time and pick up some delicious pairings at your local Trader Joes or other gourmet food store in advance. Chill whatever needs it well in advance of the event and keep a microwave and microwavable dishes available on site for heating up the hot snack on Wednesdays!

Ready to Wine Down?


Where would we be without the wine!

Depending on the rules in your community you can both purchase and provide the wine and snacks free of charge or ask residents to bring their own!



Image source: Pixabay

To make for a fun recurring event you can subscribe to a “Wine of the Month Club’ in addition to picking up some good deals from local stores. This will add some elegant and special vintages to your more budget-friendly wines and allow you to do a bit of taste-testing each month!

You can either pay for all of the costs out of pocket or invite residents to pay a nominal fee to participate (which might mean better wines!)


***TIP*** For an extra feel-good feeling, include a charity component to your group event. Invite residents to promote and advocate for their charitable and volunteer organizations in the community.



After this event, your residents are sure to feel relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the week in stride!

3 months ago
Computer Skills 101 Class 3 months ago

In today’s modern world, technology is everywhere. We use programs and technology every day to reduce efforts and increase efficiency.

A basic introductory training in word processing, presentation creation, and spreadsheet preparation software will give residents a jumpstart in their job searches. It will also increase their productivity and efficiency at work!

One of the finest examples of such technology is Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite software. Teaching intermediate to advanced document preparation and other software skills in your community will be beneficial for beginners and advanced users.

Setting up

Arrange resident seating in the clubhouse or other community area by setting up several computer systems and a projector. Have plenty of outlets and extension cords available and encourage residents to bring along their laptops as well!

Additionally, you can choose to teach the three to four hour basic 101 intro course by hooking your computer up to a big TV and arranging areas to sit.

***TIP*** Provide simple snacks as well to keep brains active. Expect a big turnout!

If you don’t want to offer a 101 course in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, you can also offer a similar course in the free-to-use software suite of similar Google products (Docs., Sheets, and Slides). All of these softwares are free to use and are simply available to users after setting up a basic Gmail email account.


Image source: Pixabay

Either way, both of these software suites will give residents enough tools to manage office work from entry level jobs to the highest management level.

Topics to cover at your event can include:

  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet preparation
  • Presentation and slides preparation
  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • and so much more!

After conducting a few free classes, expect to develop a good rapport with your “student” residents! For future events, prepare more space to accommodate larger groups.


You never know, your resident students may even work their way up in skills to be ready to tackle official Microsoft authorized certification! This could generate funds for your community as well and build excitement for ongoing monthly trainings!

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Trunk-o-ween 3 months ago


Image source: Pixabay


Tailgate trick-or-treating is where people decorate their vehicles in a Halloween theme. Children go from car to car to collect candy and it’s tons of fun for the whole community.

Tailgating trunk decorating party


With this event, the idea is to encourage residents to decorate their trunks (or tailgate).


One of the easiest ways for residents to decorate their car is to choose a theme. It’s very similar to choosing a costume, and you can even choose a theme which will go well with your costumes. Consider using your car or truck as an extension of your costume themes or an oversized prop!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Dress up like a chicken and have some toy chicks in the trunk.
  • Decorate your truck in a specific era and dress up like a famous performer of that era.


Remember, since it is a family event, it’s important to remind residents that the costumes and decorations are not overly sexual, graphically violent, or scary.



Image source: Pixabay


Bring candy to share


Expect a big turnout of residents at this event! Encourage residents to give candy from their trunks and bring a bag to collect treats of their own!  


It’s best for the community if candies are brought from each family and shared among the participants. However, you can also set up some staff members in costume to go around and give out candy as well.


Image source: Pixabay



***TIP*** Recruit individual residents to pass out some candy from bulk bags that you give them in advance. Make sure you grab your chance to trick-or-treat for some candy for yourself too!

Pumpkin carving contest


A pumpkin carving contest will attract additional interest from all age groups. Try to give ideas and some instructions ahead of time. Choosing a theme and invite residents to participate in your pumpkin carving contest.

Give prizes for the best decorations and costumes


The residents’ committee or the event board can select the best-decorated cars. Small but relevant token presents will create excitement among your residents.



Image source: Pixabay


You can also snap pictures of participating kids in their costumes. Hold a community vote for the best dressed in each age group on social media as well as the kids.


Community events encourage warmth and sharing between residents who see each other every day. This Halloween-themed event is sure to be a big hit with young and old alike!



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