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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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17 hours ago 24 minutes ago
How to Host a Spring Cleaning Swap Shop 17 hours ago 25 minutes ago


Resident Comedy Night 7 days ago

Resident have so much fun with our comedy nights and you will too! Check out our video for more or visit our website. Or both. We can't wait to play for you!!!

7 days ago
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3 months ago
Ugly Sweater Contest 3 months ago

As the weather chills down and the sweaters come out, there are bound to be a few sweaters we all pull out of storage, look at, and say, “What on earth was I thinking!?”

An ugly sweater contest in your community is a fantastic way to show off the worst of the bunch. It’s also good for a holiday stress-busting laugh as long as no one's feelings get hurt!



Ugly Sweater Day is officially on Dec. 19. So what better way to celebrate this funny day than with a clever event and contest at your community?

Setting up the event


All you need to do is inform residents of the contest and make up some great prizes!

Image source:


Consider sweater-shaped handmade medals, purchased ribbons and sashes, or even funny handmade trophies!


Your residents will love winning and showing off their ugly sweaters with pride!



Image source: Pinterest


You can have a physical event where resident need to show up and model the offensive sweater in person. Or, to make things easier logistically, you can also have residents send in or share selfies of themselves in the ugly sweaters.


Make sure you get everyone's permission to post the pictures of their ugly sweaters on your social media accounts!


You can also encourage votes for community favorites.

Passing out awards


In this contest, you can have more than one winner! Get as creative as you like with types of categories and awards.


Awards categories can include:


  • Most festive ugly sweater
  • Best color combo ugly sweater
  • Ugliest fall sweater
  • Ugliest construction (for all of the ugly and misshapen handmade creations)
  • Ugliest children's sweater
  • Largest ugly sweater
  • Smallest ugly sweater
  • Most flammable ugly sweater
  • Most rash-inducing ugly sweater
  • Most creative ugly sweater
  • and more!


Get creative with your awards by making hilarious prizes to match!


For digital contests, keep the entries and nominations open for about one week. Then announce the winners on ugly sweater day in December.


Image source: Pinterest

For an in-person contest, prepare voting cards and a big ugly sweater ballot box. This will make it easy to collect votes or entries for everyone’s top choices in each category!

This is no beauty contest! So get out there and dance the night away in your ugly sweater - you’re a rock star!


3 months ago
Boys Club: Making a Positive Impact on the Community 3 months ago

While we all love fun and silly apartment community events and games, sometimes we also are in the position of making a difference in our residents' lives. While not an apartment community, a South Carolina teacher has gone above and beyond to enrich his community by creating a "Gentleman's Club" (Fortunately they just changed the name to "Boys With Purpose") for at risk boys who don't have a father presence in their lives. The program helps teach the boys how to become gentlment by learning how to shake hands, make eye contact, and even dress up by supplying jackets to those that can't afford them.

I honestly don't know if this is something that can be pulled off by an apartment community alongside dedicated volunteers, but even if it can't, maybe this serves as inspiration for other ways to create a positive impact on a community beyond a simple summer party!

Here is a great video with some of the kids!

3 months ago
Collaborative Thanksgiving Tree 3 months ago

Want to encourage residents to stop by the office and spread the joy?


Winter is a great time to build some community camaraderie and get to know your resident’s a little bit better.

With this event, set up a collaborative thanksgiving tree in the main office or entryway to your community!


Have residents write the things they’re thankful for on fall colored leaves. You can then help residents hang the colorful leaf notes from the tree with string!



Image source: Meaningful Mama

You can cut leaves yourself and keep them in a stack or basket by the tree. Download this
free PDF leaf pattern for printing and tracing.

Keep a small table nearby to make it easier to write notes on the leaves. Keep a pack of colored washable markers handy as well.


This activity is similar to a money tree or well wishs tree at weddings. It’s a collaborative activity and great for all ages! Adults can help children write up something they are thankful for and then write their own message of thanks as well.


***TIP*** The next time maintenance is cleaning up dry fallen tree branches around the property, have them save a few for this project!

You can group the branches together in a large vase or bucket if they are large enough to fit on the floor.



Image source: HGTV


***TIP*** If you don’t have room for a full “tree” and lots of branches for hanging, consider a flatter design.


A wall version of a tree can be made by taping the leaves to a giant paper tree stuck to one wall.



Image source: Northeast Ohio Family Fun

No matter how you fit the tree into your property, it’s sure to spark thoughts of joy and thankfulness for all your residents.

Happy holidays!