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    Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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    Yappy Hour yesterday

    During this time of the year, it can be easy to get caught up in planning Resident Events which revolve around the holiday themes of November and December.  This week’s Resident Event is not specific to any month or holiday, and can be planned any time of the year.  In fact, if it ends up being a big hit amongst your residents you could make it a weekly, monthly, or quarterly event!

    This event is only applicable to pet-friendly communities but is sure to be a big hit! Let’s plan a resident Yappy Hour!  How many events do you plan that include your residents’ pets?  This one is just for them!  Get creative with your flyers using cute slogans such as “dogs + humans + treats for all = Yappy Hour”; put up a sign during the event which says, “Let’s Pawty”.  Make little dog goodie bags using treats, bones, and tennis balls.  Purchase a few of the bone-shaped holders for the doggy waste bags that clip onto their leash and include them in the bags.  Based on your budget, have Frisbees made with your property logo on them and pass them out during the event- usually with items such as these you have to buy in bulk to get the best price, but you can always give the extras out as move-in gifts or save the rest for future Yappy Hours!  Be sure to provide beverages and light refreshments for your residents, too.  You could get a gift card to a local pet supply store (Pet Smart or Pet Co) and every attendee will be entered into a drawing to win it.  Use pictures and decorations that are “dog-friendly” such as bones, paw prints, and fire hydrants.  Reach out to local groomers, pet sitters, dog walkers, or veterinarians to see if they would like to have their info available to the attendees.  If your community has a dog park, plan the Yappy Hour near that area so the dogs can run around!   

    This is an easy event where you don’t have to have too much going on or planned activities- get your residents and their dogs together and the fun will just happen!  You’ll want to be sure to lay out some ground rules to ensure safety and reduce liability for all.  Rules should include: all dogs must be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations; dogs must be kept on the leash at all times while inside the clubhouse (or whatever area you are using for the Yappy Hour);  consider restricting the event to children over the age of 8 only for their safety; etc.


    Hillary Nix is friends with The Comedy Cartel

    Comedy Night at the Clubhouse 2 days ago


    My name is Kevin Alderman and I am brand new to this website which I think is a brilliant way to pass ideas back and forth.  

    I think a Comedy Night is a great way to get residents out mingling with each other and could help build relationships within the community.  

    We try our best to make thins fun for everybody and convenient for you property managers and event planners. We will bring the sound equipment so you guys don't have to worry about it and even help out with staging of the clubhouse for the best possible show. Not to worry, by the way, our shows are a PG-13 show so you wont hear vulgarity or offensive material.  Just a fun night of comedy!

    Hope this helps!



    If you'd like to know more please inbox me and I will get you a flier.  Also, I travel the country so it doesn't really matter where your property is, I will gladly come to you. 

    Paint Party 2 days ago

    One of the biggest trends right now are group painting parties, and it is a great opportunity to get your residents involved!  Essentially, it is a social event where a group gets together to paint their own work of art at a local art studio.  There are places popping up all over the country, and here is an explanation of the program from Pinot's Palette:

    Join us for an unforgettable evening of fun, friends, and fine art where you bring the Cocktails and we provide the Canvases! All you need to do is bring your friends, open your favorite bottle of wine and get ready to be inspired by our local artists who will guide you step-by-step through a featured painting. At the end of the night...leave with your own masterpiece.

    Every place will have its own rules, but most allow attendees to bring wine and cocktails, as they challenge their inner creative self.  Often, the group picks one picture to bring to life, and there are often great choices for kids, as well.

    One of the great aspects to this event is that residents then have something memorable to take home, and potentially hang on the wall.  It will always serve as a visual reminder of the event and the experience.  Also, it gives the community some potential options for sharing the pictures on Facebook, or even creating a mini-art gallery in the community clubhouse!

    The event can get a bit pricey, so talk with the provider about group discounts, and from there, you can either pay for each attendee, pass it along to the residents, or split the cost.


    Have you seen paint parties spring up in your area?


    Update:  We found a similar event created by Augusta Houston, but instead of a traditional canvas, they painted on wine glasses!  Love this idea, so residents can use their art whenever they want!

    Fall Decorating Contest 2 days ago

    We announce to our residents via flyers and on facebook about our community Fall Decorating Contest and when they will be judged. Residents then have the chance to decorate either their patio or balcony before the judges tour the property. Once the winners are picked, we contact them via phone and then announce the winners in our quarterly newsletter and on facebook. We award prizes to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place homes. Prizes range from $50 gift card for the 1st place to $15 gift card for 3rd place.

    Guess Who Luncheon 2 days ago

    I manage a 55+ independent living senior community. Our budget is very low for resident events but per our LURA we are required to provide regular monthly events and activities. I have become very creative with activities at a very lost cost to the property. Last week we had a Guess Who Luncheon. This game is a way to bring laughs and fun to a group of seniors who want to get to know each other. This is how the game works. We had each resident bring a picture of them in their younger years or as a baby to the party. We set up a table early in the morning, prior to the game with a poster board so they could tape their picture on it. Once all pictures were displayed the pictures were numbered. Everyone received index cards and wrote down the number with the guess of who each person was. We had a cheat sheet so that we could score the resident’s card of most correct answers. We had gift bags for 1st to 3rd place winners. Additionally we played the toilet paper game. We passed around a roll of toilet paper and had each resident tear off squares of toilet paper - as many as they want - but didn\'t tell them why. Once everyone has some, we explained that for each square they have taken, they must tell the group one \"fun fact\" about themselves. Our residents are still talking about how much fun they had!

    Hillary Nix has a new profile cover. 2 days ago

    Any Ideas for the month of jan for apartment residents?

    2 days ago
    Holiday Mini Photo Shoots 2 days ago

    This is the time of the year where most families have professional pictures done.  These photos can be placed on holiday cards to send to family members or even turned into gifts for loved ones!   Parents enjoy getting pictures done of their children every year as cherished memories, or newly engaged couples may enjoy some holiday photos to celebrate their engagement. 

    This week’s Resident Event idea is to host a mini photo shoot day for your residents!  Find a local photographer who can come out to your property for a day, best if done on a weekend, and do mini shoots for your residents.  Do some research first and make sure you are booking a photographer who will give your residents a fair price: remember you are providing a great location for free and a handful of clients for the photographer plus doing all of the booking and scheduling for them, and possibly even opening the door for future business if your residents choose to be repeat customers or by referrals. So make sure you negotiate a fair price for your residents! Make sure you also prearrange the deal your residents are getting with the photographer such as “$50 for a 45 minute mini session and you will receive 5-6 digital images without watermarks”. Also be sure to find out what method of payments the photographer accepts. 

    You’ll want to have a sign-up sheet and make sure your residents sign up for a time slot before the day of the mini photo shoot.  I would suggest 30 to 45 minute sessions at a time. This way, you don’t have everyone show up at once and while they wait kids can get restless. 

    Make sure you have a clean and festive area for the mini shoots to take place.  Most photographers have props for certain picture themes so make sure you make those arrangements ahead of time whether the photographer will be bringing props or not.  If the community will be providing some props, consider using a red wagon for kids or a string of colored lights. Location is important and make sure there is plenty of natural light. If you have a great clubhouse with a nice sofa, possibly use that.  Or, if you put up a holiday tree you can use that as a background for the pictures.  Grab some empty boxes from the maintenance shop of various sizes and wrap them to look like presents under the tree. If you have a nice outdoor location that could be a possibility too, weather permitting.  You can buy some fake colorful leaves from a local craft store for extra colorful details for those outdoor photos.  You can find some other great ideas just browsing at a local thrift store: a red wagon for small kids, a festive blanket to sit on outside, a vintage couch or sofa in a rich color.  Consider your model as a possible location for pictures, too, if you can utilize props to create a great space for photos.  If you have a fireplace in your clubhouse or model that might be an ideal background, too!  If the photographer is comfortable with it, encourage pet participation since furry friends are part of the family, too!  There are many possibilities with this event, you’ll just have to get creative and have a dialogue with the photographer ahead of time to make sure the experience is a positive one for your residents. 

    This resident event is one that should not be too much on your property’s budget but should be seen as a huge benefit for your residents! They have a photographer coming to them, the price is fair, and they get some great photos of their families!  The photographer gets some additional exposure for his or her business and some new clients possibly for years to come!  More often than not, photographers share their work on their social media or business websites with permission from their ( )

    Fantasy Football for Apartment Communities 2 weeks ago

    Over 80% of our audience to Resident Events are women, which means that some of you might have trouble thinking of events that appeal to the men on your property!  I am here to help!

    Fantasy football is played by 19 million people in the US and Canada, so it has a very large audience!  Even better, it is a game that lasts several weeks, inspires interaction and competition, and can foster real-world connections in a strong way.  The basic concept for Fantasy Football is that participants “draft” real players to their fantasy teams, and their teams are scored based upon how those real players perform during the season.  For example, if I have Peyton Manning on my team and he throws three touchdowns on a Sunday, then I get a certain number of points for each touchdown.

    1) You first need to set up your “league”.  I would suggest going to or, both of which have leagues that are either free or cheap to join.  You will be setting up your own league that people can join, and you can just use their default rules.  (I recommend a “head to head” league)

    2) Get the word out!  As with all your events, if you don’t tell people several times in a variety of ways, they simply will not remember.  An email and email reminder are the best options.

    3) Your Fantasy Football draft is where all participants get together and take turns selecting football players to “draft” to their team.  You will probably set a random order for people to draft players, and then reverse that order, back and forth until everybody’s teams are filled.  As you set up your league, you will see how many positions are required.  For example, every team may need 1 quarterback, 1 running back, etc.  I have never used these before, but this draft kit might help.

    You will want snacks and sodas for the event, and also consider buying a few Fantasy Football guide magazines for people to look at during the draft.

    4) Once everybody has their teams, the season starts off with the actual football season!  A player gets points when their football team’s players play well, such as scoring touchdowns, gaining yards, etc in real football games.  Assuming that you selected a “head to head” league, each team will face off against another team, head to head.  I prefer this method because then people get to know each other by finding out who they are against that week.

    That’s the general concept of the game!  Often there is some sort of playoff at the end.  Once you start getting the word out, I would reach out to the players and see if any of them have done fantasy football before, and if they have, ask them for guidance!

    Here are some other ideas:

    • Each week, open up the clubhouse for people to watch football together!  Make this a way for the participants to get to know each other and have some friendly smack-talking.
    • After a few weeks, one person will emerge as the frontrunner with the most wins.  Why not make that person the weekly Fantasy King/Queen, with some sort of special perk?  Maybe if you have clubhouse seating, they get the prime seat for that next week, until they get dethroned!
    • Have a leaderboard in the clubhouse, which will show residents what they are missing and prospects that there are fun things going on!

    Have you ever played Fantasy Football?  What do you think?

    Multi-Family Feud 2 weeks ago

    Last month, as a team building exercise, our staff played "Multi-Family Feud!" 

    We started off by creating a survey of questions related to property management and with the help of our Multi-Family Insider friends, we were able to get lots of truthful, interesting and hilarious answers! 

    Once we had all of our answers, we downloaded a customizable Family Feud Powerpoint that we found here ( 

    To prepare for the game, we set up two tables on each side of our projection screen. One table was for team 1 and the other side for team 2.  We also placed a small table in the middle with a call bell that we purchased from Office Depot. We connected our laptop to the projector and were ready to play! 

    To make the teams random and fair, we had each employee draw a number from a jar that ranged from 1-4.  Everyone who drew a 1 was considered team 1, everyone who drew a 2 was considered team 2 .. and so on. Once the teams were formed, we let them choose their own team (Family) name. They wrote the name on a piece of paper and when it was their turn to play, we attached it to the front of their table. 

    The first game consisted of Team 1 and Team 2. The second game consisted of Team 3 and Team 4.  The final game consisted of the winners from both of the previous games. In our case, it was Team 2 and Team 4. We had an area manager act as the "host" who asked the questions and coordinated the game.  A second employee from our corporate office was responsible for keeping the score and a third operated the powerpoint. 

    The winners of the final "championship" game received a small 1st place trophy that was purchased from our local trophy shop and cost around $4 each.  We also had a few drawings, where our employees had the chance to win paid days off. 

    All in all, it was a great time! We were able to get our employees out of the office, bond and have a fun time laughing, joking and cutting up with each other! It's a wonder how something as simple as a few hours away from the grind, a game and door prizes can change the dynamic and recharge everyone's batteries! 

    If you would like to try this activity with your staff, I will be more than happy to share the powerpoints we have created. At the time, I do not have a list of the questions and the answers, however, I'm will be more than happy to email the powerpoints to make set up quick and easy for you! Trust me, the creation of the "game" on the computer was the bulk of the work! 

    I'm not sure if I can upload the game to this post.  If not, you can contact me at and I will send them your way! 


    Midnight Swim 3 weeks ago

    If your property doesn't have a community center or clubhouse and you still want to have a great event, here's a summer party we can all enjoy.  If you have a pool, have this in your community. If not, find one that will let you use it late! Have someone cater with finger foods (or have your residents bring their own) and have a great time out by the pool after the sun goes down!!  This is great for people like me who "fear" sunburn!

    Don't forget to bring along some beach balls, have some great summer music, and bring your smiling faces!

    The inspiration for this event came from Mindy Sharp, of Freestone Management Services, LLC.

    White Elephant community Party 3 weeks ago

    I think this type of party would be fantastic for a community! They are really simple to set up and most people who have them place a reasonable price limit on the gifts. Here’s a couple of other ideas for your gift rules:

    Re-gift—Everyone must bring a gift they would like to get rid of. This is a great idea if you want to have your party AFTER the Holidays.

    Something from your home- Have everyone bring something they already own but just don’t want anymore.

    Price limits – ranging from $5-$20

    Gag gifts only – this might be my favorite!

    I would suggest serving snacks, holiday cookies, and finger foods.

    Here is a great resource for all the rules on a White Elephant Party to help with planning.


    And don’t forget, advertise your event!!

    Polar Express Pajama Party 3 weeks ago

    Together our team put on a Polar Express Pajama Party. As you approached the doors to our clubhouse we created railroad tracks using black electric tape and we put up lights all around our doorway to create a magicial look. When you walked inside you were greeted by our Groundskeeper dressed as a train attendant. He handed every person a ticket when they walked through the door. Our entryway had a large train made out of heavyweight paper and glue. Using 250 cotton balls we stuck tape on the back of them and put them all over to create a snowy effect. Lastly we added tons of snowflakes, trains, and other small paper decorations around the clubhouse.
    When you walked in, we had all of our furniture set up like movie theater seating and then we pulled our two large rugs for the kids to put their pillows and blankets on. Right before the movie was about to start, our maintenance supervisor walked out dressed like a conductor and yelled "All Aboard the Polar Express...get your tickets out". He then walked around and punched every persons ticket. During the movie we had hot chocolate with extra large marshmellows, popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Not only did we get to enjoy the Polar Express Movie in our coxy clubhouse, but we also had a craft station set up where you could make a rudolph the red nose reindeer ornament to take home. Hidden in our back hallway we put together a wrapping paper station so that people could use our back door and sneak in and wrap their presents without anybody peeking.

    Hot Chocolate Bar For Your Winter Apartment Community Party 3 weeks ago

    Get prepared for winter by planning a hot chocolate bar during your winter party!  We found this idea at Indianapoluxe and love their take on a simple hot chocolate!  Rather than simply providing hot chocolate, they give everybody the chance to customize it to their preferences by adding peppermint, peanut butter, marshmallows, or caramel.

    This is one of those small elements of an apartment party that isn't huge in itself, but adds a little magic to the event.

    What other ingredients would be good to add?



    Speed dating 3 weeks ago

    Utilize your club house by hosting a speed dating night. Gather some tables and chairs, have your local pizza place cater the event, and invite your residents and their friends to come for a night of speed dating. This is not only a great resident function, but it can also attract some potential residents from outside of the community, all while showcasing your clubhouse.


    Picture courtesy of Steve Bowbrick

    3 weeks ago
    Homeless Donation Drive 3 weeks ago

    Now that Halloween is over, we approach the season of being thankful and getting in the spirit of giving!  This Resident Event idea encourages the spirit of the season by bringing your residents together and giving back to your community.  It should be fairly inexpensive and easy on your budget!

    As a community, host a collections drive for a local homeless shelter.  You can easily find lists of items that are most needed at the shelter itself but some ideas are: socks, coats, toiletries, diapers, blankets, non-perishable food items, and more.  Many homeless shelters have programs which provide a Thanksgiving meal to families in need so see if you can find out if there are specialized food items to collect.  Some shelters even accept book donations if they have programs in place to assist those in need with education and job placement.  

    Host a Resident Event not only to collect those items for the homeless, but ask your residents to participate in a Bake Sale to raise money for the cause as well.  Encourage your residents to bring baked goods wrapped in individual packages to sell for 50 cents to one dollar with all funds specifically going towards a monetary donation to the homeless shelter.  This is much more fun than placing a box inside of your leasing office for people to put items in (although you can do that too, leading up to the event if anyone cannot attend).  This way you are bringing your residents together as a community to give back to those in need, which makes everyone feel GREAT!  Depending on the size of your community and the space in which you will be holding this event, open it up to the public!  Spend a day or two doing outreach marketing to promote this collections drive to support local homeless shelters and get some positive attention for your community!  

    You should host this event on a Saturday for a few hours so you have the chance of more people participating in both the Bake Sale and the donation drive.  Make it as festive as possible with balloons and provide light refreshments such as sodas, bottled water, apple cider, and juice boxes for the kids.  During the event, have a box or a bowl out to collect money for donations as well.  If you can make contact with someone at the shelter who could also attend that would be a great addition to have someone there talking to your residents about the impact they are making.   

    Once the event is over, be sure to get a count of how many items were donated and how much money was raised and make sure you put that in your next resident newsletter and all over your social media accounts for your property!  Make sure your residents feel proud of what they accomplished and put it into perspective which phrases such as, “By raising $237 we were able to provide 20 Thanksgiving meals to families in need. Great job, ABC Apartments!”   

    Make sure to list the items that you are collecting on your flyer or whatever media you will use to promote this event and Bake Sale as well as including the box in the office for donations if someone is unable to attend.  Plan this event a few weeks in advance and spend plenty of time promoting it so that you can ensure the most participation.  

    The following link is a great resource to start your research to find a local shelter:


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    Holiday Shopping Bazzar 4 weeks ago

    Hold an event for Holiday Shopping for the residents in the clubhouse. Invite local vendors and have the set-up a table to showcase their products and sell them on cash and carry basis.

    Snowman Winter Contest! 4 weeks ago

    A simple and fun activity for your residents! Have them come outdoors for some winter fun and build a Snowman! The theme can be up to you or the resident, but the more creative the better. You can go 'Plane Jane', 'Disney.', 'Sports Icons', 'Farmer Joe', 'The Unmain-Mainstream Hipster', whatever you can think of. Take lots of pictures with the residents and their snowmen/snowwomen! Make sure to have snowman criteria, you don't want any surprises!  Give a building timeframe, and date the winner will be announced.  We've added photos of several different types of snowmen!