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    Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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    JAWS at the Pool! 12 hours ago 21 minutes ago

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the pool...  

    Set up a movie projector next to the pool and screen the classic, JAWS!  Provide inner tubes, so that residents can lounge in the pool as the Great White terrorizes Amity Island.  If you are feeling adventurous, have one person troll the pool depths, nipping at toes during the most tense movie moments.

    Before the movie starts, add in some games of Sharks and Minnows to get the theme going!


    We also found this awesome watermelon shark you can try out!

    (Idea inspired from:

    I need to organize a reception for residents to meet the new management team. Any economical ideas?

    4 days ago
    JAWS at the Pool! 4 days ago

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the pool...

    Set up a movie projector next to the pool and screen the classic, JAWS! Provide inner tubes, so that residents can lounge in the pool as the Great White terrorizes Amity Island. If you are feeling adventurous, have one person troll the pool depths, nipping at toes during the most tense movie moments.

    Before the movie starts, add in some games of Sharks and Minnows to get the theme going!

    We also found this awesome watermelon shark you can try out!

    Guess Who Luncheon 7 days ago

    I manage a 55+ independent living senior community. Our budget is very low for resident events but per our LURA we are required to provide regular monthly events and activities. I have become very creative with activities at a very lost cost to the property. Last week we had a Guess Who Luncheon. This game is a way to bring laughs and fun to a group of seniors who want to get to know each other. This is how the game works. We had each resident bring a picture of them in their younger years or as a baby to the party. We set up a table early in the morning, prior to the game with a poster board so they could tape their picture on it. Once all pictures were displayed the pictures were numbered. Everyone received index cards and wrote down the number with the guess of who each person was. We had a cheat sheet so that we could score the resident’s card of most correct answers. We had gift bags for 1st to 3rd place winners. Additionally we played the toilet paper game. We passed around a roll of toilet paper and had each resident tear off squares of toilet paper - as many as they want - but didn\'t tell them why. Once everyone has some, we explained that for each square they have taken, they must tell the group one \"fun fact\" about themselves. Our residents are still talking about how much fun they had!

    Box Maze 1 week ago

    A box maze can be a wonderful event for children and adults alike. The materials are free and minimal assembly required.

    Where to find the boxes:
    • Appliance stores
    • Sears
    • Grocery stores

    Lay out your design:
    Once you get them all in the apartment, line out the “design” for the box maze. Just like most mazes, we have one main line that works, and a bunch of dead ends.

    You’ll need flashlights:
    Get little flashlights or glow sticks for people to go through with, it gets REALLY dark in there. Glow sticks and flashlights are very cheap from Oriental Trading.

    You open the boxes up, and attach them with tape. Use packing tape or duct tape, and not very expensive brand – it typically takes 4 rolls to do an entire maze, cutting/connecting where needed to attach them. You will want to tape them well b/c kids get in there and start trying to make their own holes. The recommended method of doing it is at the connecting spots cut your holes to where one box has a flap that you can tape to the other box. It can be much easier and space efficient for the entrance and exit to be at the same location, the front door of the apartment. Then, we used a large refrigerator box to connect to the front of them, so that no one could see in to the design. Then, put it together, and have fun.

    Planning Q3 events and outreach - feeling happy

    3 weeks ago
    A "Community" Approach to Fitness 3 weeks ago

    I recently stumbled upon a system called the 21 Day Fix, which is essentially a group fitness program that attempts to get everybody on the right track with exercise and nutrition over a 3 week period. Before I begin, however, I want to stress that this is not meant to be a sales pitch for the system, as I haven't seen the entire 21 days in action, but the initial concept was so compelling to be implemented in an apartment community, I couldn't help but share.
    This program takes a community approach to self-controlled workouts and nutrition. At least in the situation I saw, it was sold by an independent rep, similar to how people sell Tupperware, Mary Kaye, etc. But rather than selling strictly a product, this is both a set of products as well as a community approach to fitness. Each person gets their own set of DVDs with different workout routines, containers that help with portion control and selecting the right balance of foods, and literature that helps with the whole process. That, in itself, isn't anything special. What really got me excited from an apartment community event point of view is the group approach to the program. The person who ran the group I am familiar with set up their own private Facebook group, where each member could share their own experiences with a specific workout, questions about the program, recipes and diet tips, and general motivation for the rest of the group!
    While many of our communities have gyms for residents to use, they often do not inspire a cooperative approach to working out and fitness. Each resident comes in, does their own routine, and then leaves. Although they may meet some acquaintances along the way, it isn't really a "group" environment. This program, however, takes the complete opposite approach. Even though everyone is exercising in their own home, they are all part of a larger "team" all there to motivate each other to make it through the grueling 3 week program. That grueling aspect actually plays a role in the process - the fact that it is challenging leads the group to grow together in the shared struggle.
    As I watched people get involved, and heard stories of them all discussing their own struggles and helping each other overcoming those obstacles, I saw how wonderful of an opportunity it might be for an apartment community. It was more than a simple workout program and became a bonding program, which is exactly what we want to create in our resident events! By the end, not only have the residents gotten to know each other, but they have endured a shared experience where they struggled and then worked together to overcome. Those types of shared experiences are what relationships are built upon, so I think this might be an opportunity to lay a wonderful foundation for a sense of community.

    Bonus Notes:
    1) Even though each workout can be done independently, it might be interesting to provide a dual approach - residents can work out in their own apartment or they can meet in a shared location and do a workout together! If this approach is taken, it would be important to plan how to "convert" those who work out at home to coming to join the live group. Additionally, those that work out together might form an initial "clique", so it would be important to ensure that those that build up the courage to join the live group are welcomed warmly and included.

    2) One of the requirements is that each person post before/after pictures to the Facebook group. This might work if everybody is already friends, but might be a dealbreaker for groups of strangers, so consider augmenting that rule.

    3) A launch party might be a great way to have people meet face to face, as well as learn more about the program and rules before the 21 days official start.

    4) An after-program party would be a great way to celebrate and let all the people who had been talking online get to know each other in person. This is a good opportunity to transition the group into a normal fitness routine at the community gym. You could also give out prizes for who is the "Biggest Loser".

    5) Remember to share the success stories (with permission, of course) of the group with the wider community!

    Again, I am not trying to sell this particular program, so there might be others that take the same approach that are even better! If you have any experiences with this program or one similar, share your experiences below and whether you think it would "translate" well for apartment communities!

    The Scoop on Hosting an Ice Cream Social 3 weeks ago

    Throw a fun ice cream party with ice cream/yogurt, frozen treats, toppings, sauces, and cones—plus, expert tips and planning advice to help you keep your cool.

    One of the best things about hosting an ice cream party—aside from the obvious benefits, such as eating lots of ice cream and getting to say, "I'm having an ice cream social!" in your most wholesome Leave It to Beaver voice—is that you can make the event as simple or elaborate as you like. And even the most sophisticated ice cream social is a pretty easy party to put on.

    First you have to head outdoors!

    If you're hosting a kid-friendly party, it's best to do the whole thing outside, and provide rolls of paper towels and a few pans of water for sticky fingers and faces.

    DIY Dessert

    The serve-yourself buffet is the way to go.  Another option is to pre-scoop ice cream and put it in chilled dishes; keep them in the freezer until ready to serve.  That's a lot less messy, and keeps things a little more under control-although it's kind of fun to scoop. Making your fantasy creation is part of the fun! People absolutely adore the chance to dish up their ice cream and toppings themselves. Set out everything on an easy-to-clean table covered with a piece of oilcloth or plastic tablecloth. Keep a sponge handy, and a basin of water for wiping up any spills.

    How much ice cream, total?

    Count on each person eating at least three half-cup (4 ounce) scoops, for a total of 1 1/2 cups (12 ounces) per person. Here's a breakdown of the total amount of ice cream you'll need based on that calculation:

    • 12 people: 1 1/4 gallons (144 ounces, or 9 pints)

    • 16 people:1 1/2 gallons (192 ounces, or 12 pints/

    • 20 people: About 2 gallons (240 ounces, or 15 pints)


    Have a few extra containers of ice cream on hand just in case you run short.

    4 weeks ago

    This is super smart. I see all the time on Facebook where friends and families are going to these group painting get togethers.

    Paint Party 4 weeks ago

    One of the biggest trends right now are group painting parties, and it is a great opportunity to get your residents involved!  Essentially, it is a social event where a group gets together to paint their own work of art at a local art studio.  There are places popping up all over the country, and here is an explanation of the program from Pinot's Palette:

    Join us for an unforgettable evening of fun, friends, and fine art where you bring the Cocktails and we provide the Canvases! All you need to do is bring your friends, open your favorite bottle of wine and get ready to be inspired by our local artists who will guide you step-by-step through a featured painting. At the end of the night...leave with your own masterpiece.

    Every place will have its own rules, but most allow attendees to bring wine and cocktails, as they challenge their inner creative self.  Often, the group picks one picture to bring to life, and there are often great choices for kids, as well.

    One of the great aspects to this event is that residents then have something memorable to take home, and potentially hang on the wall.  It will always serve as a visual reminder of the event and the experience.  Also, it gives the community some potential options for sharing the pictures on Facebook, or even creating a mini-art gallery in the community clubhouse!

    The event can get a bit pricey, so talk with the provider about group discounts, and from there, you can either pay for each attendee, pass it along to the residents, or split the cost.


    Have you seen paint parties spring up in your area?

    Bring Your Community Together with Sweet Treats 4 weeks ago

    What’s better than a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies? Well, a plate filled to the brim with an assortment of homemade cookies, of course! Hosting a cookie swap in your community is a fantastic way to bring your residents together to get to know one another and enjoy the holiday season. It’s easy to do: simply invite your residents to bring their best, favorite sweet treat – enough to share, of course! You can either request that they also bring an empty plate or container to hold treats, or you can provide a treat bag for each participant to use to collect their sweets. Set up tables in your clubhouse or gathering place for participants to place their cookies. Consider providing notecards and markers, so each person can put the recipe title (and their name!) in front of their cookies. Once all of the treats are in place, each participant can pick several of each type of cookie to take home with them. Yum! Encourage your residents to share their recipes and photos of their treats socially, and tag your community’s social channels. You can even create a custom hashtag for them to use when posting, which will allow you to easily track conversations and engage with them!

    Cardboard Drive In Movie 4 weeks ago

    Ah, the joy of a cardboard box when you are 5.  Something so simple can turn into something magical when you have the imagination of a child!  This idea is to make a simple drive in movie experience, even though it is doubtful any kids in your community have actually experienced the real thing.  They get to decorate their cars with wheels, brake lights, racing stripes, and anything else they can think of.

    Then let them watch an outdoor movie in their new rides!

    Maybe my own imagination is getting away with me, but I think it would be a blast to arrange the cars like they were racing and do quasi action shots with the kids looking like they are in a bitter race for first.  Could probably get some great pictures of the event this way!


    All in all, a cheap and easy event for kids in your community! 

    Snowman Winter Contest! 4 weeks ago

    A simple and fun activity for your residents! Have them come outdoors for some winter fun and build a Snowman! The theme can be up to you or the resident, but the more creative the better. You can go 'Plane Jane', 'Disney.', 'Sports Icons', 'Farmer Joe', 'The Unmain-Mainstream Hipster', whatever you can think of. Take lots of pictures with the residents and their snowmen/snowwomen! Make sure to have snowman criteria, you don't want any surprises!  Give a building timeframe, and date the winner will be announced.  We've added photos of several different types of snowmen!


    Adorable Pet Costume Contest 4 weeks ago

    Take a look at graphs on pet ownership over time, and you will see massive increases over the past 25 years.  And not only is pet ownership rising, but people's connections with their pets has gotten even stronger.  Pets are no longer just animals, they are their "kids", whose "parents" dote on them just as much as they do on those less furry, human kids.  This also gives opportunities to apartment communities to take "pet friendly" well beyond simply accepting pets, creating an entire suite of services and activities that actively welcome pets.

    A pet costume party is one of those quirky events that seem so incredibly awkward to some, but still drive a ton of interest from those who love their pets!  The idea is simple:  Set up a day for residents to bring in their pets to the community clubhouse, dressed up in their best costume, ready for a photo shoot!  Take pictures of the pets individually, and then with their owners, as well!  Give prizes out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, announcing the winners through your Facebook Page, Instagram, community newsletter, and any other outlet to get the word out. 

    Ideas to Go Above and Beyond:

    1)      Print out large copies of the winners, frame them, and then proudly display them in the community office!  It will be a fun and unique decoration that will be a great conversation starter for prospects new to the community!

    2)      Go ahead and print out pictures of ALL the contestants and give them a copy!  You can print an 8x10 copy for just $3.99 in some places, so the cost is not insane, and now your residents will have a keepsake of their pet contest adventure, tied directly to your community.

    3)      Rather than simply announcing a winner, you can narrow it down to three and let residents and prospects vote!  Since you are going to print up the pictures of the top 3 anyway, go ahead and frame them and display them on a table, allowing prospects to vote while they wait in the office.

    4)      If you get some really inventive costumes, share them to other media outlets!  Local news stories always enjoy a "feel good" segment, so this might be right up their alley, or at least something they can share through their social media profiles.


    Petco Mexico did a similar contest specifically for costumes related to Star Wars.  Check it out.

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