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    Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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    1 week ago

    Summer is just around the corner, and your resident children will be finishing up school in just a few short weeks. Why not kick off the summer by rewarding your littlest residents for their year-long hard work with a Drive-in Movie Party? 

    This party puts a fun spin on the classic drive-in movie and combines three of the things youngsters love the most - movies, treats and cardboard boxes! The outdoor screen and projector you will need to pull off this Drive-in Movie Party are a teeny bit on the spendy side; however, you will be able to use them to entertain your residents at events for many years to come. Amazon has a 12 foot inflatable movie screen for only $149.98, and there are a variety of projectors and speakers to choose from. Simply set the screen up outside, hook up the projector and speakers, and you have an instant outdoor theater!

    You should notify your residents of the Drive-in Movie event a couple of weeks in advance, that way parents have time to help their kids build and decorate their cardboard box cars. We found this absolutely great resource for instructions on building your own drive-in movie cars!  Pinterest has a lot of helpful cardboard box car designs and ideas.

    You can make this a BYOT (bring your own treat) party, or you can choose to give out classic movie treats like mini bags of buttery popcorn and a variety of scrumptious candies. Because some residents will likely be bringing blankets to sit on during the movie, make sure that the sprinklers are turned off for a couple of days so the grass is nice and dry. Your residents are sure to enjoy the nostalgic trip down drive-in movie memory lane as they settle in to watch a movie with their loved ones under the stars.

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    3 weeks ago
    National Jelly Bean Day Taste Test Contest 3 weeks ago

    April is the month that begins with tomfoolery, but that doesn’t mean the tricks have to be limited to April 1st! April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day, and what better way to celebrate than to share some delicious Jelly Beans with your tenants and give them a chance to win fun prizes by correctly guessing the wide range of fruity to bizarre flavors? Turn this National Jelly Bean Day into a side-splitting celebration your tenants are sure to never forget with these simple steps!


    First of all, you can’t have a National Jelly Bean Day celebration without Jelly Beans! For this party, however, not any old Jelly Beans will do. BeanBoozled Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly are what will make this party memorable. BeanBoozled Jelly Beans come in 10 different colors, BUT each color has TWO different flavors, a yummy flavor and a really gross, weird one, and you can't tell the flavors apart until you take a bite! Watch these hilarious reactions as two people experience the shockingly grody Jelly Belly  flavors such as Booger, Barf, Baby Wipes, Stinky Socks, Rotten Eggs, Lawn Clippings, Toothpaste, Moldy Cheese, Skunk Spray, and Canned Dog Food!



    Since there are 10 different colors, you will need 10 candy jars (one for each color).   Party City has inexpensive and reusable clear, plastic candy jars for only $6.99 each.  As for the Jelly Beans themselves, you can find 10 lb. cases of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans for $159.


    Once you have all of your jars filled with the sorted Jelly Beans, number the jars 1-10 and place them on a table covered with a brightly colored table cloth. You can get as creative as you’d like with your Jelly Bean jar display by adding different colored balloons with ‘Jelly Belly’ written on them in white paint marker, and other fun, colorful decorations and treats. Whatever you do, though, make sure that napkins, a pitcher of water, cups and a garbage can are easily accessible for those unlucky tenants who chomp into the not so pleasant flavors! 


    Last, but not least, have a stack of cards on the table for tenants to fill out with their  flavor guesses for each color of Jelly Beans. You can have fun gift cards or gift baskets ready to give out to the first 5 people who correctly guess all of the flavors! 



    Be sure to advertise your National Jelly Bean Day wing-ding with flyers describing the location on the grounds and times the booth will be operating. The great thing about a candy jar booth is that it can literally be set up anywhere and can quickly be moved indoors in the event of bad weather. According to the Jelly Belly website, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are OU Kosher, gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free and vegetarian friendly so even tenants who have dietary restrictions should be able to participate without any worries. Get creative and enjoy a gut-busting good time watching the reactions of unsuspecting tenants as their tastebuds experience crazy flavor explosions.

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    4 weeks ago
    White Elephant Gift Exchange 4 weeks ago

    White elephant parties involve party members wrapping funny or tacky gifts to exchange with others, and are a great way to have people participate without knowing the interests of the other guests beforehand, which is often the case at apartment community events!  White elephant parties are mostly associated with the holiday season, but can also be held at any time of the year. Gifts are traditionally "presents" that are considered funny and tacky and that do not fit the recipient’s general taste. The idea is to engage in the humor of the funny or tacky gift, which party members have seemed to enjoy. 


    White elephant gift exchanges can be run different ways. Some set rules are that the item must be previously owned, which means that members would re-gifting an unwanted item or trinket. If members would rather buy a gift, they should spend no more than $20 on the item. 


    The goal is to choose wacky or entertaining gifts. Members can visit their local thrift store, and maybe find a great gift or funny item. Members can also visit this online site:, for more help.


    How To Play The White Elephant Gift Exchange:


    • Count the number of players in the gift exchange

    • Write the number of the players, individually numbered, on a small piece of paper and fold in half to keep other players from seeing the number written, for example: 10 players would be 10 pieces of paper, folded, numbered 1 through 10. 

    • Place the folded numbered pieces of paper in a basket or hat.

    • Each player draws a number to signify who draws in numbered order from first to last.

    • The player that drew the first (#1) number opens the first gift and has the option to either keep the gift or give it to another player and open another gift, but cannot exchange the gift again and must keep the gift as their own.

    • The next numbered player (#2) does the same as player one, but can either keep the original gift or exchange with the last gift unwrapped.

    • The game will go on like this till the end. Basically, unwrap a gift and either keep it or exchange it with any other unwrapped gift belonging to the game players.


    4 weeks ago
    Kite-Flying picnic 4 weeks ago

    Every year in April Kite fliers across America celebrate the history of the world’s favorite pastime by flying kites. It is a month to celebrate what comes from letting your kite fly into the breeze and up into the sky.

                A kite-flying picnic is a good way to celebrate the days of spring and can be a creative new way for members of the community to converse. Community members can take some time out of their afternoon and join in kite-making and flying fun.

                 Those attending can make their own kite from scratch or purchase their own and compete for the longest hang time while lying on a picnic blanket and soaking in some sun. By expressing the idea of creativity with glue, glitter and paint younger members can hang a tail in the sky with others their own age and enjoy the day! You can also involve beverages and snacks or rent out or purchase a small snow cone machine where members can make their own snow cones.

                A kite-flying competition can also be held. Judges can judge on homemade kites creativity and hang time as well as competitions for store bought premade kites longest time in the air. The kite-flier with the longest hang time could win a gift card to a local bookstore or any prize of choice.

                Kite flying has existed for hundreds of years and is honored in the Dubai International Kite Fest where hundreds to thousands of kites are flown day and night in a three-day event. For more information on the kite fest visit:


                For more information on how to build a kite visit:

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    's Most Wanted Apartment 1 month ago

    We like to have "Cedar Pointe's Most Wanted Apartment" contest on Facebook every year or so.

    We ask that residents who think they've got the best looking home take photos of their apartment and post on our facebook. The resident with the most "likes" wins!

    Benefits of Most Wanted Apartment Contest:
    *Keeps users engaged on your facebook page
    *Gives contestants and voters a deeper sense of community
    *Gives other residents and prospects decorating and furniture placement ideas
    *Provides the property with several different photos to be used in marketing
    *Increases the number of "likes" on the property's facebook page

    ***The photos below are actual photos submitted by our residents.

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