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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Murder Mystery 5 years ago

You know how you have all of these resident socials and hardly anyone shows up and when they do, no one talks to one another? We recently had a resident event that guranteed that the residents interacted with each other, with us and it drew a crowd. We hosted Legacy at Friendly Manor's 1st annual Murder Mystery. All in attendance was assigned roles, dressed in character, given questions and scripts. Then everyone was required to mingle and ask certian questions and then offer certain information. The mystery we held was about an awards show - like the Academy Awards - and one of the rising stars was murdered. Then after the "murder", we then had to mingle and question people again. It was so much fun that by the end of it we had run over our expected end time, and residents were asking when we were going to do another one. It was AWESOME! We know that we are going to do one again, maybe another one this fall.

Extreme Couponing Night! 5 years ago


Extreme couponing is an activity that combines shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to save as much money as possible while accumulating the most groceries. Let’s pick a night during the week to show the residents how to get started. They supplies you will need are scissors, coupons, portable file boxes, and hanging folders.


1.)  There are 2 main sources of coupons: newspaper inserts and printable coupons. FYI Local businesses might let you have any unsold Sunday papers they have leftover come Monday. Multiple copies mean multiple coupons. Let your residents know not to settle for one newspaper. Get weekend subscriptions to several (provided they carry quality ads and aren't too expensive).


2.)  Here are a few websites you can go to for printable coupons., Coupon Network, Red Plum, and Smart Source. There are also coupons available quite often on company websites and Facebook pages. You will generally only print coupons when you need them.  Most printable coupons have a limit of 2 per computer, so it helps to have more than one computer.


3.)  Tell your residents to consider buying a cheap black and white printer they will be printing a LOT of coupons.


4.)  Get organized. There is The Filing Method: The filing system is probably the easiest to set and requires the least amount of time and effort to maintain. The filing system is two-fold.  For my weekly newspaper inserts, use a portable file box with hanging folders.  Each folder is labeled with the date, and then each Sunday just plop the whole stack of inserts in the folder. (Also have a folder labeled “to sort,” which is handy for keeping track of coupons you’ve printed or clipped but then not used but haven’t yet had time to put away.)

These are just a few websites, but there are so many out there that are just as informative as the websites we have provided you with. Your residents will appreciate you helping them save money!

The Beginner’s Guide to Coupons:


The Krazy Coupon Lady:


10 Extreme Coupon Tips for Normal People:


Extreme Couponing 101:




Extreme Couponing 101: Tips For Shopping Walmart!:



"Dive in" Movie 5 years ago

We partnered with our local cable company for this event. They brought the 5'x5' inflatable screen, the movie (we requested Finding Nemo) and even snacks and drinks. They set it up at the end of the pool so people in and out of the pool could see it. All we had to do was advertise the event as being sponsored by them and be there to help co-host it. Our cable rep was there to answer any questions and give out their flyers if asked but they did not use it as a time to try to sell more cable - just a "we appreciate you" event. :) The residents loved it and so did we because the only cost to us was to print out flyers and tossed in a few of the $1 inflatable toys from Dollar Tree. SUPER easy and fun! P.S. - It will need to be an early evening/night event so you can see the movie on the screen. :)

Oscar Night 5 years ago

Roll out the red carpet and pop the popcorn for a funfilled night of movie extravaganza!

Decorating: In the community room you decorate with movie posters, have a red carpet outside leading up to the community building, rent the large sky lights to highlight the event, and hang a banner above the door announcing your "Movie Event".

Fun and Games: Pass out ballots for residents to vote for their winner in each category. The resident with the most correct answers wins a prize. Gold awards are available at party stores. Have residents dress as their favorite movie star. Plat charades trying to guess movie titles.

Food: Champagne, finger food, star shaped cookies, sandwiches, etc. popcorn

Memorial Wall 5 years ago

For Memorial Day we chose to honor those who are or have served in the arm forces. We prepared a picture wall of the residents loved ones. Starting on May 1st we have a candle lit during the day to honor each one of arm forces individuals and on Memorial Day we are having a coffee, where the residents can tell about the individual that is on the wall.

Cardboard Drive In Movie 5 years ago

Ah, the joy of a cardboard box when you are 5.  Something so simple can turn into something magical when you have the imagination of a child!  This idea is to make a simple drive in movie experience, even though it is doubtful any kids in your community have actually experienced the real thing.  They get to decorate their cars with wheels, brake lights, racing stripes, and anything else they can think of.

Then let them watch an outdoor movie in their new rides!

Maybe my own imagination is getting away with me, but I think it would be a blast to arrange the cars like they were racing and do quasi action shots with the kids looking like they are in a bitter race for first.  Could probably get some great pictures of the event this way!


All in all, a cheap and easy event for kids in your community!