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I Predict You Will Like This Idea: Fortune Cookie Day 5 years ago

Fortune cookie day – which always falls on Sept. 13th - is a silly, fun, and delicious holiday

Fortune cookies, those crisp thin folded cookies that usually contain a short note of wisdom or a vague life prediction, are always a fan favorite.

Sometimes the cookie’s message also includes a Chinese phrase or even a string of lucky numbers that some use as lottery numbers.  We have better ideas on this front, so read below!

History of fortune cookies

You may be surprised to learn fortune cookies as we know them today are a uniquely Western invention. Mostly found in America, fortune cookies are not a Chinese tradition at all.

Some immigrant groups and businesses in California claim to have popularized this now common cookie in the early 20th century. However, others believe that this unique cookie was adapted from Japanese-style tea cookies - even though the original cookies did not contain the notes and lucky numbers as we know them today.

Image source: Pixabay

Getting your cookies

The easiest way to get enough cookies to share with all your residents is to order bulk cookies with custom messages from KC Fortune Cookie Factory or Fancy Fortune Cookies

You can also make your own! 

Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to mix up small handmade batches of this fun iconic treat.

However, keep in mind that getting the cookie cooked and shaped before it cools is no easy feat.

Customizing the Message

This is, by far, the best part of this idea!  What we have found over the years is that the fortunes end up being pretty boring, or sometimes they aren't even fortunes at all, like "a family is a key to a healthy life."  While that may be true, it has no pizzazz!  So we highly recommend you take some time and really have fun with them.


If you are having trouble being creative or funny, here are two options:

1)  Make them extremely specific:  "On July 23rd 2019, a person wearing a brown coat will change your life."  I guarantee you they will keep that fortune and be waiting for that brown coat!  

2)  Make them purposefully bland and mundane:  "Next month you will step in gum and be sad.  You will try to scrape it off on the curb, but it won't all come off."  

Whatever you do, resist the urge to make them self serving:  "You will enjoy living at the Park Hill Apartments!"  Ugh.  Here is my fortune:  Someone is going to do this and completely ruin the idea.


Giving out the cookies

Distributing cookies and sharing the hidden messages is all part of the fun! 

One way to give away all the fortune cookies to residents is to just hand them out at the entrance and exit of your community. On Fortune Cookie Day, you can pass out fortune cookies to residents at the gate as they leave for work or school. 


You can also encourage residents to stop by to pick up their cookies at the office on Fortune Cookie Day.

Image source: Pixabay

No matter how you give them out to residents, remind them to share their fortunes with the community by posting pictures of their fortunes to social media.