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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

We celebrated The Arlington’s 5th birthday! 2 years ago

On Saturday we celebrated The Arlington’s 5th birthday! We hosted quite the event with an exotic petting zoo, bounce house, ice cream truck, food and drinks. We had over 300 people stop by to celebrate with us between residents, vendors and Trinity team members. It was a huge hit and we loved being able to give back to our community!

I am so proud of my team pulling this together and helping plan this the last 3 months to be one of the best events that the residents in our community will remember!

If you could give our Tik Tok some love we would appreciate it ❤️


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Not only will your residents love it, but it will help you generate more leads.

Have you ever wondered how you can throw an Instagram-worthy pool party without breaking your budget? Today is your day! A splashy pool party doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to make an impact. The key is to invest in the right items that will allow your residents to enjoy, and most importantly, SHARE the party online.

This event is SO easy. Fill your pool up with a variety of floats in all sizes, set up a table with refreshments that require ZERO effort to prepare, and use decor to create a photo-opp area. All that’s left is to transform yourself into your inner influencer and take photos like your life depended on it. That’s it!

You’ll need these essentials:

Bring It To Life:

  • Use your electric air pump to blow up all your floats, beach balls, and other inflatable items.
  • Scatter your floats throughout the pool to make a splash
  • Set up your table with serving items, decor, and refreshments:
    • Drinks:
      • Non-Alcohol: Lemonade
      • Alcohol: Canned Spiked Seltzer in Tropical Flavors
    • Food:
      • Variety of Summer Fruits like Bananas, Oranges, and Peaches. Display these babies in a bowl for minimal effort, but big impact.
      • Tropical Flavored Popsicles on Ice
  • Pick your preferred photo area and decorate with this Wall Decor.
  • If you need to build your lead list, encourage residents to invite a plus one to the party!

During The Event

Make sure to chat with your residents at least once throughout the party.

Select a member of your team to be the photographer at the event. Make sure they take photos on their phone, but also encourage them to offer to take photos for your residents on their phones. If you have the photo backdrop, take photos there and encourage residents to tag you on social media so their friends will see how awesome you are.

Want to get this entire event done-for-you FREE? Sign up for Sprout’s pool party event giveaway by August 1st and we’ll send you everything you need to bring this event to life at your community.

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For some reason we think food that’s made in a truck just tastes better… hence our love for food trucks <3. A food truck event is a great way to spoil your residents any day of the week. 

Plus, there are so many benefits to hosting a food truck at your community: 

  • Added-value to residents: You are making their day-to-day easier because they don’t have to cook and clean. 
  • Support for your neighborhood: You are supporting a local business and helping them get their name out there to your residents aka hundreds of potential customers. 
  • Grow both of your social media followings: Have both your community and the food truck post about the event on social media. This way you can gain exposure from each other’s followers. Win-Win! 


  • Make a list of yummy food trucks in your area and contact them to see if you can book them for a few hours at your community! With less foot traffic in their normal locations, this is a great opportunity for your community to support local businesses! 
  • Promote your food truck schedule or day at your community with this downloadable flyer, social square graphic, and Instagram Story template. Share it in high-traffic areas, on social media, and post it on your resident portal.
  • During the event, take some pictures of the food and the fun! Share it on social media both in a post and on your Instagram Stories in the moment. Pro tip: Make sure to tag both your location, tag food truck, and use a hashtag like #[insertcity]foodtruck to increase your reach outside of just your following. 



Don’t just stop there! An event with a local business like that get’s your foot in the door. The next step is to continue to build that value with residents and potential residents long term. See if that local business would be willing to: 

  • Provide A Perk for Your Residents: Provide your residents with an exclusive discount or coupon to use at their business. You both win from something like this because your residents will provide that business with a steady flow of traffic while you get to provide more value for your residents over your competition. 
  • Provide You With Gift Cards: Use these gift cards for leasing and/renewal perks. You can also use them for social media contests. As you promote these, the business gets online exposure consistently while you get a boost in occupancy and retention. 


 Get more great event ideas like this along with the caption templates, flyers, and social graphics to bring it to life. 


Organizational Workshop 2 years ago

Life is too complicated to not be orderly.  -Martha Stewart

Isn’t that the truth?! Help your residents get 2021 started on the right foot and host a virtual organization event for them.

  • Reach out to organizational experts but DON’T just DM them. Send a professional email asking if they would be interested and available to help host an event for your community. Outline what benefits your community can offer. For example, exposure to __ (number) of residents and an opportunity to be the go-to expert and first choice to educate new residents. Many smaller organizational accounts and businesses may be trying to build their business and an event like this could be mutually beneficial! 
  • Decide on the time and duration of the event. Get your flyers customized and place them in public areas to invite your residents.
  • Prep for the event! Consider the answers to these questions:
  • What topics will be covered? Discuss specific questions your expert can answer. Outline them on a shared document. Write them down so you can reference them during the event and stay on track.
  • Who will host? Will you co-host on a Facebook or Instagram live? Do a run-through of the event to work out any issues that may come up.
  • Will you take questions from the viewers? How many? Have another team member to read through comments and pass questions to you while you and your expert host so you can stay focused!
  • How will you promote their business as well? Have their information handy to share or invite them to share how viewers can connect with them.
Post-event: Encourage residents to share their progress! Create a shared hashtag so they can tag you and the event expert. Share every single mention to keep the excitement up! Post your own progress and before and afters as well.

Can’t do a full-scale event? 

Host a virtual week of mini-organization efforts. We love simple topics that your residents can complete in one day or in a few minutes even! Outline the mental and physical benefits of having an organized life and encourage your residents to just start.

  • Clean out your inbox.
  • Organize your phone apps.
  • Clean out your social media - mute and unfollow accounts that aren’t benefitting you anymore!
  • Choose ONE room or ONE junk drawer in your home and start there. But do it all the way - you’ll feel accomplished!

This event is fun, gives your residents a sense of accomplishment, and helps reduce the clutter at your community, one unit at a time!

Want all the tools to create this event for your community? Click here for the full resources!


6 years ago
Soap Hockey! 6 years ago

Ok, I have no idea what this would do to the grass around the play area. And it might be a good idea to have them sign waiver forms just in case... But doesn't this look like a blast?!

6 years ago
Rock On! 6 years ago

Today myself and my team painted rocks for our residents with little hidden surprise message under each one..We will be giving out gift cards to any lucky resident that finds them.. the catch is that who ever finds the rock will need to take a selfie with the rock