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Summer Party

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Written by Resident Events On  May 01, 2019   2396   0
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Resident Summer Games


Summer is here: a time when everybody loves to take time off and enjoy the sun. For this event, enjoy being active outdoors by planning an exciting “Olympics” style competition for your community’s residents.

Honoring Culture

To start off the day, invite residents from different ethnicities to participate in a parade to honor their culture and heritage with international flags and decorations.

***TIP*** Allow them to play or even sing their heritage national anthems.

The parade will both make the residents feel proud of their cultures and be a great opportunity to form inter-cultural and inter-racial friendships with other residents.

***BONUS*** For an added treat, ask residents to bring along one of their favorite cultural dish or cuisine as part of an international potluck.

Host the Games


Image source: Pixabay

In addition to the cultural celebrations, host exciting athletic games for your residents. You may want to make teams prior to the event.

If there are any participants who want to be a part of more than one game, make a master schedule for the games in a way that residents can participate in different activities.

Depending on your community’s facilities, include sports games or tournaments such as:

·         Table Tennis

·         Volleyball

·         Badminton

·         Snooker

·         Football

·         Soccer

·         Basketball

·         Bike racing

·         Swimming

It’s fun, exciting, and rejuvenating to engage in sports and compete with other people.

***TIP*** Depending on your community’s demographics and how many residents wish to participate, you may also want to divide the teams according to their residence blocks. This can help create healthy competition among the group.

Setting up the Events

While arranging so many games can be fun, it can also be taxing. You’ll need to prepare the equipment and schedules in advance, and find referees for each of the games.

Arrange scoreboards and sports commentators to bring more life and energy to the event. Consider airing the competitions “live” on your community Facebook page or on IGTV for a more “Olympic broadcasting” feel.

***BONUS*** Remember to arrange a series of shorter games for children.

Bicycle and Swimming Race Competition for Children

Swimming and racing will both create excitement and stimulate the sportsman spirit in the younger members of your community.

Candy Medals


Image source: Walmart

At the end of the event, announce winners for each category and give them their awards or prizes. You can also make gold, silver and bronze medals from candies such as chocolate coins, York peppermint patties, or Reece’s peanut butter cups, to share with the winners (adults and children alike!)



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