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Summer Party

Pooch Plunge - Dog Day at the Pool
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Pooch Plunge - Dog Day at the Pool Hot

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Pooch Plunge - Dog Day at the Pool

If you're like most communities, you don't allow resident pets in the hot tub or pool. This is for obvious safety and sanitation reasons. However, to make your canine friends feel welcome, plan a puppy play date at the pool on the last day before the pool area closes for the year!

During the dog days of summer, a doggie swim day is a perfect event to hold in your swimming pool right before you close it down and drain the pool for cleaning. Dog day at the pool is the one time of year when your community’s dogs are welcome to dog paddle, fetch, and play in the pool!

Building a Pup Friendly Pool Party


Buy some big fluffy beach towels and spread them around on the ground in a few shaded areas near the pool. Dogs will be able to get out of the water to dry off and lounge poolside if they need a break from playing.


Invest in some pet-friendly floating pool toys. Other water-retrievable toys include things like plastic floating bones, balls, and rings! The dogs will also enjoy relaxing in the sun on some fun floaters.

Additionally, consider making an icy cool pool party dog treat cake filled with party favors and yummy snacks.


Image source: The Starving Chef Blog

As the ice melts in the sun (and as the dogs lick and bite the cake) the snacks and toys will start to poke out! Just remember to allow at least 24 hours before your event for the cake to fully freeze! Here are some instructions for making the perfect icy treat cake.

Pet Ramp

Dogs will be entertained for hours getting in and out of the water. But remember, little dogs may find the stairs hard to climb.

***TIP*** Prevent drowning! Add a largescamper ramp to making your pool party safe for your canine friends. A ramp or pet staircase will make it easier for the animals to get in and out of the water.


Image source: Amazon


No pool party would be complete without the treats. You can whip up a batch of pupsicles as post-pool time treats.

Prep ahead plenty of frozen dog-treats like watermelon bone popsiclesor other healthy favorites likeyogurt, peanut butter, and banana paws.


Image source: Grrfeisty

What if my community doesn’t have a pool?

No worries! You can still plan an equally splashing fun play date by investing in a few hard plastic kiddie pools or more durable dog swimming pools. Set up the dog pools in a grassy and shaded area and fill with water. You can also add ice blocks to the pools to cool off your hot dog visitors.

Additionally, toss some rubber toys in the pool to keep the dogs entertained.

***BONUS*** As an extra attraction, set up a few sprinklers in the yard for added water play fun!

Make water guns and buckets of water available for owners to spray and play with their pups. Water soaked balls are also a wet and exciting variation on the classic catch and fetch.

Special considerations

The chlorine in the pool makes the water unsafe for dogs to drink. It may also irritate their skin and eyes (as it does to humans as well!) Remind residents to rinse their pets down and shower them off thoroughly when their pups are done playing in the pool.

Additionally, supply lots of fresh clean drinking water in large drinking bowls for all your pup guests.

***BONUS*** If you have a giant community, you may want to consider making this an even larger event! Host agility competitions, ball and Frisbee throwing in your grassy areas, or even invite local pet-themed vendors to share and sell their wares!

Your canine community friends are sure to have an amazing time and will be requesting it as an annual end-of-summer event!


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