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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Summer Party

Visit the Woods! Community Camping Reservations
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Visit the Woods! Community Camping Reservations Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 29, 2018   2633   0
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Visit the Woods! Community Camping Reservations

Getting out into nature can be fun and relaxing. It reduces stress, reduces exposure to indoor environmental toxins, and can even regulate your sleeping patterns as well!


Encourage your residents to soak up the sun and fresh air by organizing a camp-out in nature! Whether you’re cabin or tent camping, residents will love an organized group camping experience to a nearby public campground.


Remember, start your search and planning early!


Consider registering your group a year in advance of your event. This way your group will find spots together at the campground of your choice. Talk to the campground directly to make arrangements for your large group well in advance and avail group discounts.




To ensure an accurate headcount, all residents will need to sign up in advance. Make sure camping dates, required deposits, and park rules or restrictions are clear to residents before they sign up. The event won't be as fun if people drop out last minute due to miscommunication.


Choose both family-friendly and accessible campgrounds to ensure everyone in your community can participate. State or Federal campgrounds with fire pits, showers, toilets, and running water will make for a much more comfortable resident experience.


Travel in a Camping Caravan



Image source: Pixabay


On the day you take off for your new home away from home, make your departure time clear.

Distribute maps and important cell phone numbers for all the staff coordinating the camping trip. Stay on schedule and break often for those with small children to take care of their needs.


Depending on how far away your camping location is from your community, you may want to stagger stops like bathroom breaks, gas refill breaks, and major meals in advance. Stop every two hours or so at locations people are aware of in advance. Also, ensure there is enough parking for everyone in your caravan.


No man (or woman) left behind! Follow each other to the campground so no one gets lost.


Camping Gear


Share a packing list with camping essentials. You can also “buddy up” families to share a campsite with each other so they can share more expensive gear as needed.





Image source: Pixabay


At least once during your stay, it's fun to do a group cookout, barbeque, or breakfast. A Build Your Own Hotdog Party is sure to be a hit!


Encourage campers to go shopping for food items at a location near your campground. To reduce spoilage, remind residents to always purchase plenty of ice.


You can also offer to do daily ice runs to the nearest grocery store. You may also want to pick up other items (as needed) to make your community members’ camping experience more enjoyable!




Consider fan favorite outdoor games and board games like obstacle courses, bike, and scooter races, water games, Frisbee, volleyball, badminton, and other team games. Make community tournaments if you like, or just encourage residents to play by setting up the equipment.



Getting tents set up the first day is a great “barn raising” activity. Pitch your tents in small teams as a family, with your new campsite “buddies,” or any other resident campers. This will help build new bonds and friendships with your new neighbors!


You can also check out these Community Camp-Out Ideas including a tasty s’mores bar!


Remember, the most important part of camping is to rest, recharge, and get away from the business of our daily lives. With some pre-planning and teamwork, your camping trip is bound to be a fantastic community bonding experience that will carry over even after you all return. Happy camping!


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