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Summer Party

Craft Beer Tasting Challenge and Vote
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Craft Beer Tasting Challenge and Vote Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 21, 2018   2832   0
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Craft Beer Tasting Challenge and Vote

Which brew will be recognized as the best craft beer in this ultimate beer battle? Find out when you host a beer tasting challenge and vote in your community!



Image source: Pixabay


On a particularly hot summer day, invite residents (21+ crowd only) to enjoy and vote for a variety of local (and/or imported) chilled craft beers over in your community center!


If needed or desired, you can bring in a local craft beer expert or home brewer to share their knowledge and experience. An expert can help residents appreciate the beers by explaining the different kinds of beer and what to look out for when taste-testing and voting.


Setting up the Samples


For the best bear sampling experience, you are going to need a few servers on hand to pass out samples of the different varieties you have available. Use lots of small sampling cups and keep trash-cans strategically placed around the room as well.

To make sure samples don’t get confused, aim to clearly mark the different beers so residents know which ones they’re sampling.

Sampling the Beers


Every beer has its own distinct flavor. Whether one is superior to another is really just a matter of preference and taste. When residents are evaluating the different brews, have them rank the beers based on qualities like…

·         Color

·         Sourness

·         Roasted flavor

·         Malted flavor

·         Hoppiness

·         Fruitiness


…before voting for their favorites. Encourage residents to sample the beers and cast their votes.



Image source: Pixabay

The Voting Process

When choosing their favorite craft brew, remind residents to weigh overall taste - while also considering aspects such as a popularity, staying power, color, mouth-feel, and even the brand marketing - to choose their favorite brew that they want to see stick around for years to come!

Cheers, and have a great time!


Image source: Pixabay


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