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Hula Hoops in the Deep End Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 25, 2017   5225   0
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Hula Hoops in the Deep End

An underwater hula hoop course is a great addition to your summer pool time events! 

What’s more, you can change up the hoops to make it more or less challenging for everyone. All ages and abilities should get a change to swim through your hula hoop obstacle course.  

Here’s a video showing underwater hula hoops in action:

How to get your hula hoops underwater


Image Source: Everyday Dishes

To make a Hula hoop obstacle course, you’ll need several water proof weights such as rubberized dumbbells - 3 and 5 pounds weights work best. 

Next, take 2 - 3 feet of rope and attach the weight and hoop on either end of the rope. This will allow the hula hoop to float two to three feet above the bottom surface of the pool. 

***TIP*** Longer ropes can be used for beginners and children, or when the pools are quite deep. 


If you don’t want to use ropes, you can pick up a pack of swimming hoops with inflatable adjusters used to choose a precise depth of the hoop in the water.

Alternatively, you may also buy some underwater arches. These can be used for more advanced level swimmers that are able to make it to the very bottom of the pool.


Image Source: Everyday Dishes

Hula hoop underwater track

To add up the fun, strategically place several hula hoops in the pool. These make a spectacular track – and an added challenge for participants. 

The track can be made with hula hoops placed close together, but they can also be spaced with longer distances between to add to the entertainment and challenge! 

Image Source: Pool Toys

Underwater hula hoop relay race

For advanced level swimmers you can assemble a relay race underwater. 

For this, a few hula hoops can be placed in a line, according to the number of teams. For instance, if there are three teams, three hula hoops can be placed parallel to each other for the teams to be able to race beside each other.


Image Source: Funi Biz Boats

No matter what hoop arrangements you choose, you’re sure to kick you pool party up a notch with these great underwater hula hoop ideas!




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