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Summer Party

Apartment Summer Party - Minute To Win It!
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Andrew Fink  

Apartment Summer Party - Minute To Win It! Hot

Written by Andrew Fink On  August 27, 2011   7343   7
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Apartment Summer Party - Minute To Win It!
Are you having a summer party this year or pool party? If you are looking for some games to add to keep it lively and interesting, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Have you seen the NBC game show "Minute To Win It"? Contestants compete for prizes completing challenges made from household or office materials such as plastic cups, ping pong balls, reams of paper, etc. In one game called NOODLING AROUND the contestant has to put a piece of uncooked spaghetti between their lips and use it to pick up six uncooked penne pasta noodles placed on the table without dropping any of them. It is harder than it sounds and with everyone gathering around cheering, it can be fun. I like having people compete to see who does it faster, but you can do this by timer and it needs to be done under a minute. Call it the APARTMENT OLYMPICS or something and have fun with it! Here is the link: where you will find a list of 150+ games on the right. You can watch a description of the games after a short commercial or just get the rules, items list and game description. Make it a competition and have prizes for the winners...

While games are fun, I suggest some Ice Breakers. An important thing is to incorporate an introduction into the game. Have people introduce themselves every time they go up to a new person. That is what is going to get people socializing and meeting new friends, more so than music, games, food, etc. There are lots of books and online resources to find some fun Ice Breakers, but make sure they last at least 20 minutes so people get a chance to meet others. Statistics show that the more friends people make in their community, the more likely they are to renew their lease.

As for prizes, check out the daily deals websites like for half price gift certificates to local restaurants, adventures and such.


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Lots of fun, just practice first

I LOVE this as an apartment party. We actually set this up as part of my brother's bachelor party and had a great time. Keep in mind - they need to be tested to get the kinks out before game day. Other than that, it's a VERY inexpensive resident event!

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