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Student Housing Events

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Hope Joyner  

Snacks & Studying! Hot

Written by Hope Joyner On  December 08, 2011   6042   5
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Snacks & Studying!
Since exams are this week, we hosted a study party in our small clubhouse. We pitched it as an opportunity to study someplace quiet. We offered healthy snacks like dried fruit, trail mix, nuts and granola bars as well as some sugary candy. I think the biggest draw for our residents was that we also offered free coffee and energy drinks. In order to make the party as convenient as possible we extended office hours until 9 so people could use our wifi and printers for last minute studying. We will definitely do this again in the spring!


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This is a FANTASTIC idea!! Student housing is so exciting and lots of opportunity to do cool things. This idea allows students to study OR just take a break from being bogged down. Getting to know neighbors… and hey, this neighbor may be in the same class! Perfect idea, this goes over very well. A follow up event after finals are over, having RedBull and Skyy Vodka come out and promote the product. These guys really know how to do promotions. PLUS – it really draws college aged students to the crowd!

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