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Resident Appreciation Week

Resident Appreciate Week Extravaganza!
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Resident Appreciate Week Extravaganza! Hot

Written by Lisa Drapes and Melissa Millard On  May 26, 2011   13390   3
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Resident Appreciate Week Extravaganza!
We really have the BEST residents! What better way to reward them than with a HUGE luau-themed party in the summer once nearly everyone is moved in?!

Each year we change things up a bit but here is our 2010 calendar of events:

***Monday, August 16th: We put a pack of "Extra" gum on everyone's door with a note attached saying: Because you, our residents, are “Extra” special, we’ve devoted an entire week to making you feel appreciated!

Mirabel and Muir Heights Apartments would not be what we are today without incredible residents like yourself! We hope that you take time this week to realize how important you are to us and to enjoy all the events we have planned for you.
We are nothing without you!
-Lisa, Melissa, Jill, Bob, and Stephen

***Tuesday, August 17th: We had a board game night in our clubhouse beginning at 6:00pm. We had popcorn from our popcorn popper, snacks, soda and water, and a movie playing in the background. As cheesy as a boardgame night sounds, our residents LOVE it and it as an easy event to plan and carry out!

***Wednesday, August 18th: We put ring pops by everyone's door with a note attached saying:

Diamonds are dandy,
And candy is too,
But we don’t need either,
With gems like you!

***Thursday, August 19th: We had a breakfast for everyone in each building! We got bagels and cream cheese early in the morning so that they would be fresh, plus pastries, fruit, granola bars, yogurt, and water and juice for residents to take with them. We had everything ready to go by 7:00am so that anyone leaving for work before normal office hours could still enjoy a morning snack. We have four buildings at Mirabel and each had its own table and breakfast items set up near the mailboxes. It was a huge hit!

***Friday, August 20th: We planned a movie night by the pool. The idea was that residents could either hop in the heated pool around 9:00pm or they could grab a chair nearby it and watch a movie that we would project onto a white sheet pinned to the side of the building. We ended up getting rained out and watching "Jaws" in the clubhouse, but it was still a lot of fun! We also had popcorn, snacks, and drinks for residents to enjoy during the movie.

***Saturday, August 21st: The mother of ALL resident events! Lisa got to the office early Saturday morning to start preparing the food: Slow Roasted Prime Rib, Pit Ham w/ Rolls, Shrimp, Pasta Salad, Hashbrown Casserole, Salad Bar, Pickles/Olives, Veggies/Dip, Fruit Kabobs, Cucumber Sandwiches, Taco Dip, Cheese/Sausage Tray, Salsa & Chips, Popcorn, and Beer Dip & Pretzels. Along with enough food to fill the clubhouse, we had prizes that Melissa had received from local businesses in return for putting information into our welcome packets. We had over 150 prizes (and they were all really good prizes, too!) so everyone walked away with something (we had residents write their name on a ticket and we would pick a name and then a prize ticket to determine who got which prize). The party lasted about 5-6 hours with about 150 residents plus their friends and family attending and swimming in the pool, eating a ton of delicious food, playing bag toss, and entering to win fun prizes. This is a party everyone looks forward to every year, and when residents decide to leave Mirabel or Muir Heights to buy a home, take a job out of state, or for some other reason, we often get calls asking if they can come back to Mirabel for the Resident Appreciation Party.

Even though this whole event costs us about $1000 in food, treats by residents' doors, and decorations, it is WELL worth it. Planning ahead is key including getting free prizes from local businesses (everything from gift cards to physical prizes to food is happily accepted in anticipation of our party throughout the months preceding it). We do not buy a single prize, though if we needed to add more, we would have thrown in rent credits for $25 and $50. No one else in our area (or maybe even our state) does as much for their residents in this one week as we do - and residents definintely take notice! It is a lot of work, a lot of extra hours, and a lot of posting on residents' doors, but it something that REALLY set us apartment from our competition.


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