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Brent Williams  

Parent's Night Out Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  May 25, 2014   5035   1
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Parent's Night Out

One of the best benefits you can give a parent is FREEDOM!  Although I absolutely love my children and would do anything for them, sometimes my wife and I need to simply get away to retain our sanity!  Plus, nights out with just my wife allow us to reconnect with each other to help keep our relationship strong.  We recently joined the YMCA and found out that once a month they have a kids night out, where they will take your kids for 5 straight hours from 5pm to 10pm, giving plenty of time to not only go out to dinner, but also catch that elusive movie!  I thought it was odd that they named it a kids night out, when clearly the benefit was for the parents.  This would be an absolutely great idea to implement at an apartment community - a service that would absolutely be RAVED about!

Here are some things to consider:

1) Limit the number of kids that your team can handle, so that you don't get overwhelmed (or break any laws on any kid/adult ratios)

2) Consider restricting the ages of the kids to ensure your team can adequately handle them.  If you are not prepared for diapers, make potty training a requirement!

3) Create strong check-in/check-out procedures so only the correct parent/guardian can pick up a specific child.

4) Look at all the great children activities on this site to keep the kids entertained!

5) To charge or not to charge.  The YMCA actually charges $15/child for this service.  It might make sense to charge in order to bring in licensed child care workers from a local day care center.  But remember that the more you charge, the less benefit it is to your residents!

6) Does your event recur?  Doing this just once would be a great event.  But having it a recurring program could be addictive for your residents!

7) Allow non-residents?  Allowing non-residents take part in the program might make sense if done correctly.  You could charge them a premium, which would subsidize your own residents, as well as provide a marketing opportunity outside of your community. 

8) Look into any federal, state, or local laws that might impact your ability to run this program.

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