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The Best Gumbo - Bragging Rights For Your Local Resident Chefs
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The Best Gumbo - Bragging Rights For Your Local Resident Chefs Hot

Written by Resident Events On  February 26, 2013   4684   2
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The Best Gumbo - Bragging Rights For Your Local Resident Chefs

As with any resident event, the key to a great party is knowing your residents.  And if you know that they love to cook and hone their chef skills, this is a great event for your community!  Although we mention “Gumbo”, it really can be any sort of food, such as burger, steak, pasta, etc.  For the event, you will need to recruit resident judges who do a blind taste test in order to pick the winner.

Of course, there is a big difference between simply naming a winner and making this an epic event.  For example, if you have a kitchen in your community clubhouse, the winner most definitely needs their picture framed and hanging up until they are “dethroned”.  If they are willing, their recipe should be included in the community newsletter.  And if you are particularly gutsy, maybe after a few years, reach out to local restaurants to see if they are confident enough in their Gumbo to pit theirs against your winner!

Another restaurant tie in is to make a deal with a local restaurant to have that person’s winning recipe featured in their restaurant for a month!  Can you imagine the excitement that you could build by saying the winner’s recipe was going to be featured at a local restaurant?  That also creates free advertising for your community based upon that particular dish.  Plus, the restaurant gets free publicity at your community and a great story to share beyond that.  The more we think about this event, the more we love it!

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