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Fantasy Football for Apartment Communities
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Brent Williams  

Fantasy Football for Apartment Communities Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  September 14, 2011   5970   6
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Fantasy Football for Apartment Communities

Over 80% of our audience to Resident Events are women, which means that some of you might have trouble thinking of events that appeal to the men on your property!  I am here to help!

Fantasy football is played by 19 million people in the US and Canada, so it has a very large audience!  Even better, it is a game that lasts several weeks, inspires interaction and competition, and can foster real-world connections in a strong way.  The basic concept for Fantasy Football is that participants “draft” real players to their fantasy teams, and their teams are scored based upon how those real players perform during the season.  For example, if I have Peyton Manning on my team and he throws three touchdowns on a Sunday, then I get a certain number of points for each touchdown.

1) You first need to set up your “league”.  I would suggest going to or, both of which have leagues that are either free or cheap to join.  You will be setting up your own league that people can join, and you can just use their default rules.  (I recommend a “head to head” league)

2) Get the word out!  As with all your events, if you don’t tell people several times in a variety of ways, they simply will not remember.  An email and email reminder are the best options.

3) Your Fantasy Football draft is where all participants get together and take turns selecting football players to “draft” to their team.  You will probably set a random order for people to draft players, and then reverse that order, back and forth until everybody’s teams are filled.  As you set up your league, you will see how many positions are required.  For example, every team may need 1 quarterback, 1 running back, etc.  I have never used these before, but this draft kit might help.

You will want snacks and sodas for the event, and also consider buying a few Fantasy Football guide magazines for people to look at during the draft.

4) Once everybody has their teams, the season starts off with the actual football season!  A player gets points when their football team’s players play well, such as scoring touchdowns, gaining yards, etc in real football games.  Assuming that you selected a “head to head” league, each team will face off against another team, head to head.  I prefer this method because then people get to know each other by finding out who they are against that week.

That’s the general concept of the game!  Often there is some sort of playoff at the end.  Once you start getting the word out, I would reach out to the players and see if any of them have done fantasy football before, and if they have, ask them for guidance!

Here are some other ideas:

  • Each week, open up the clubhouse for people to watch football together!  Make this a way for the participants to get to know each other and have some friendly smack-talking.
  • After a few weeks, one person will emerge as the frontrunner with the most wins.  Why not make that person the weekly Fantasy King/Queen, with some sort of special perk?  Maybe if you have clubhouse seating, they get the prime seat for that next week, until they get dethroned!
  • Have a leaderboard in the clubhouse, which will show residents what they are missing and prospects that there are fun things going on!

Have you ever played Fantasy Football?  What do you think?

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Great concept and very interactive for residents!

Brent has a great idea, here! Fantasy Football is a huge, multi-million dollar industry and provides entertainment and interaction amongst all of its players - both men AND women! While I am no longer a property manager, I would have jumped on this in a heartbeat, as my property was located in the Midwest and near the University of Notre Dame; we live and breathe football!

There are so many great ideas, as Brent mentions, for women - the recipe exchanges, scrapbooking, knitting, craft clubs, etc...and the men? They do seem to get left out, until we have the World Series on the television in the clubhouse, or the Super Bowl parties. Why not use this idea and go year 'round with it, too? There are Fantasy Leagues for Indy racing, Baseball, Football, Basketball...the sky's the limit.

The best part of Brent's idea is that in these economic times, it is affordable, both for the residents and your property. Residents will only need access to a computer, so they can log in their line ups (this is also a great way to get those residents into your cyber cafes!) The cost to the property would be food, beverages, and football themed decorations. I like the idea of providing magazines on the Fantasy sports, too, as they can be a great resource for new players!

To get the most out of the idea, you will need to start early, so the residents can learn about the Fantasy Leagues, the players, and understand when the draft will be, etc. If you can get just a few of the men on board, trust me, they will spread the word! Don't forget the women, though, as I rocked my leagues when I played! It is extremely addicting, and will, no doubt, provide hours of entertainment, and, more importantly, get the residents interacting with one another!

Kudos Brent!!

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