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Brent Williams  

Card Club Apartment Events Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  January 06, 2011   5398   4
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Playing cards has a multi-generational appeal, from Bridge with older residents to Texas Hold ‘Em with younger residents, creating a card club is a fantastic way to involve your residents. And what’s best is that it is a recurring event that needs very little upkeep!

First, get the ball rolling by setting up a tournament for whatever type of card game you are setting up. This can be done a few different times for different games, and will likely draw in different demographics depending on the game. For the initial tournament, set up prizes and publicize the tournament heavily. Encourage residents to bring outside guests in order to improve marketing efforts, as well!

We can probably do a whole discussion on how to run a card tournament, so for now, I’ll limit the details on that front. But suffice it to say, the tournament is really only a part of the recurring event plan. At this point, you want to generate interest for a recurring night for that particular game. For example, Thursday nights become Bridge night at the clubhouse. How often your apartment party recurs really depends on the turnout. If you only have a small group for the tournament, then maybe you space it out to once a month. If you have a large group, then every week will work. And of course, this is their night, so it might just be best to let them decide!

On the first night of the recurring card night, make the event memorable by bringing in pizza or some other inexpensive food, as well as some sodas. At the end of the night, have the group nominate a card group leader, who then becomes the point person for the group. Have all members write down their contact info, which gets shared back to the group, as well as the group leader. If new residents ask about the group, you can have them contact the group leader rather than trying to continue coordinating the event.

Remember that your apartment community is in flux, so new residents will be moving in every week! If you don’t have solid plan to introduce them to this group (and any others you set up), the group will slowly reduce away when residents move. So make sure you are consistently driving new blood into the group!

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Anty Up!!

Love this one! Easy and fun! Now I just need to know which is better, A Full House or 2 pair?? hmmmm?? LOL

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Great Idea...I'm passing this one on to our boss!

This is so affordable and I think it would be a huge hit for our residents. Our residents are always asking when the next event is and this would be something new and refreshing. You could even reach out to local retail stores, spas, etc. for prizes!

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