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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Office Team Building

Office Team Building

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Resident Events
Written by Resident Events  On  June 02, 2017   5088   0
Team-building Airlock Fun with Staff Members
The fun is not only for residents! This week’s event is full of exciting activities for your own community staff members. Planning this event has two purposes. First and foremost, it lets your staff take a break from work and heat to have some fun. Secondly, these activities promote team work and strengthen your staff’s bond as colleagues. Spaceship airlock What you’ll need: •Leg ties (e.g. strips of fabric, ribbon, or rope) •5 hula hoops How to play: This game is somewhat similar to a three legged race. Image source: Web Japan Except in this activity, the legs of the participants are all tied to each other – making it a many legged...
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Kelli McDaniels
Written by Kelli McDaniels  On  November 08, 2015   14109   0
Last month, as a team building exercise, our staff played "Multi-Family Feud!" We started off by creating a survey of questions related to property management and with the help of our Multi-Family Insider friends, we were able to get lots of truthful, interesting and hilarious answers! Once we had all of our answers, we downloaded a customizable Family Feud Powerpoint that we found here ( To prepare for the game, we set up two tables on each side of our projection screen. One table was for team 1 and the other side for team 2. We also placed a small table in the middle with a call bell that we purchased from Office Depot. We connected our laptop to the projector and were ready to play! To make the teams random and...
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Lisa Spencer
Written by Lisa Spencer  On  March 07, 2012   5376   1
We have a Pot of Gold with our Residents
Happy St Patrick day treat for our residents doors on March 17th are the following items listed below: 1. Popcorn Resident Referral 2. Candy 3. All our local business flyers with discounts for our residents Plus we place green dog bones on the door to our pet owners treat for their pets
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Milisa Crouch
Written by Milisa Crouch  On  March 05, 2012   11371   4
Compliment Cards
We just did this to start our weekly team meeting and it was GREAT! I prepared nice large colorful index cards with each team member's name written on the back in bold colorful letters. On the front side I wrote their name to start a sentence that said " Milisa Crouch you are..." and I wrote one word or phrase that complimented that team member. For the meeting I handed everyone the index cards and we passed them around so each team member could do the same writing a word or phrase about each of their team members complimenting them. At the end everyone had beautful Compliment Cards stating how we all felt about each other. We laminated them and I encouraged them all the keep them nearby for reference when they needed a pick me up. They all loved it!!!! The...
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Stephanie Graves
Written by Stephanie Graves  On  February 17, 2012   4612   1
Asset Plus Spirit Nights
Every month our 'resource department (i.e. marketing, training, development and everything in between) hosts an Asset Plus Spirit Night. We use the time to visit away from work doing something fun, cultural and/or challenging. We have done things like art painting nights, bingo nights and outdoor theater events. It is a great way to get a break and build the team!
13 apartment party results - showing 1 - 5  
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