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Mother's Day

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Felicia Norman  

Adopt-A-Mom Dinner Event Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  April 10, 2012   4425   1
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Adopt-A-Mom Dinner Event

While I was considering a good Mother’s Day event for communities, I came across several charities called “Adopt-A-Mom”. They all seem to be local charities which help mothers in need in various ways, their biggest event being on Mother’s Day. So, I thought, wow, wouldn’t this be great for a community to do? Can you get your residents on board with Adopt – A – Mom to help buy gifts for mothers who won’t be receiving one otherwise?

And that’s how my idea for a Mother’s Day event has turned into a nice charity event for your community. While celebrating the mother’s in your own community, raise some money for mothers who need a little something to brighten their day. All you need to do is hold a dinner for moms and charge an admission price (make it reasonable so some of the kids can purchase them as gifts). The dinner can be very simple (spaghetti dinners are great since they’re easy to put together and the cost is very low), and sell tickets to the dinner with the proceeds going to your local Adopt-A-Mom Charity.

So, Hurry Up! Just do a Google search to find your local Adopt-A-Mom! Some of these charities will allow you to connect in some way with the mom you’ve adopted. So, you can continue to get your community involved in helping change someone’s life.

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