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Snowballs Reading and Activity Hot

Written by Resident Events On  November 15, 2018   3225   0
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Snowballs Reading and Activity

Winters sometimes make the children extra wiggly, especially when they can't go outside to play. This snowball event is the perfect way to get rid of all that pent-up energy!

It's most suitable for children aged three to seven but older children may also have fun participating. The activity includes reading the book “Snowballs” by Lois Ehlert followed by indoor activities related to the book.

The event can be organized at your community center, or if needed at a local library.


Indoor Snow Activities

Several indoor snow activities can be organized after reading the storybook. For example, a snow dough station, indoor snowball fight, and a snowball shovel race.


Snow Dough Station


Image Source: The Chaos and the Clutter

Creating a snow dough station will allow children to experiment and get creative. Here is a five-minute recipe for making your own snow dough! Once created, it can be placed in a number of trays or plastic containers to minimize the mess.


·         2 cups cornstarch

·         1/3 to 1/2 of a cup vegetable oil

·         3-4 tablespoons silver glitter

·         Glycerin (optional)


1.      Knead cornstarch with oil until it takes the form of smooth dough.

2.      You may also add in a few drops of glycerin to make the dough softer and smoother.

3.      In the end, add in the glitter to give the snow a magical look!



Add in accessories at the Snow Dough Station that would allow the children to come up with unique play ideas.

For example, add small items such as buttons, little snowflakes, rubber stamps, stencils, and more. Let the children create whatever they wish.

Some children might even want to build a snowman, so make sure you have lots of snow dough at hand!


Indoor Snowball Fight


Source: The Creative Copycat

Another fun activity for the evening would be an indoor snowball fight! All you need for the snowball fight would be around two-dozen fake snowballs and a group of energized children! You may buy soft snowballs from Amazon, or you can even make your own snowballs from white yarn.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your very own soft snowballs.

***TIP*** The snowballs are super soft, so it's okay to let the children play without any rules!


Snowball Toss through a Snowman


Image Source: Pinterest

Yet another exciting activity for the day's activities would be snowball toss! You need a snowman made out of a foam sheet.  Make a hole in the middle of the snowman and ask the children to take turns and toss the snowballs through the snowman.


Snowball Shovel Race

This game gives the children an adrenaline rush. For this game, you will need:

·         Cotton Balls or fake snowballs  for the “snow”

·         Spoons as the “shovel"

·         Bowls

·         Timer or stopwatch


Image Source: Housingaforest

How to Play

1.      Give each player an equal number of snowballs, a plastic spoon, and a bowl.

2.      Race to see which player can scoop the most cotton balls off the table and run across the room to drop them into the bowl in a minute or less.


3.      The players are only allowed to use their spoons to scoop the snowballs in the bowls.


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