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New Years’ Resolution Gym Training Hot

Written by Resident Events On  December 23, 2016   3474   0
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New Years’ Resolution Gym Training

For many, the New Year brings excitement and enthusiasm for big life changes and healthier habits. Many start reflecting on the year that’s passed and make plans and promises for the months ahead. These resolutions can include educational, professional, or health related goals.

January is the best time to capitalize on this enthusiasm by hosting a New Years’ Resolution Gym Training for your residents.

Getting organized

Many communities have a gym on-site, but not all residents use it. Some may feel intimidated by the machines and weights. Even with posted equipment usage and safety diagrams, not all residents may understand how to properly use the equipment.

Use this beginning of the year enthusiasm for training residents. Organize an event to help residents understand how to get the most out of their workout from your community’s gym.

Most apartment communities will not have as many machines or the same expensive equipment of other commercial gyms. However, remind residents that it is possible to get a full workout on the existing fitness center equipment - and prepare to show them how to do it!

Teaching residents

Consider teaming up with a local gym trainer to offer a training class to residents. This can be done in exchange for advertising on your social media page, in your newsletter, or other perks. You can also find out if there are trainers living in your community that are available to teach a course or class in your facilities.

Additionally, you can hire a local trainer to take a look at your existing equipment and craft ideal workout plans at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These workout plans can include a guide to getting a full body workout on the machines and targeted exercises for main muscle groups.


Image source: Pixabay

***TIP*** Special considerations may include the best ways to utilize the existing gym equipment to maximize weight loss or muscle gain. Schedule a training time when residents can come to learn about the equipment in more detail. Encourage signups in advance to ensure the event is booked.

Residents can learn about the machines and also get a chance to practice proper form with the trainer. This will help residents make their workouts more efficient while also helping to prevent injuries.

**BONUS** To make the event even more fun, you can start a fitness challenge with participants, organize weekly or monthly weigh-ins, and use prizes to encourage participants to meet their personal goals.

Building community and accountability

To further support your residents you can offer links or free trials of meal-tracking software and inspire them forward in the months ahead with regular drawings for resolution-supporting gifts:

  • Shakology rep-donated items
  • Blenders
  • Juicers
  • Gift certificates for fitness gear and clothing
  • BPA-free water bottles
  • Fitness and recipe books
  • Workout DVDs

Other ideas include accountability sessions, nutrition support groups, and more.

Mathew Katz of DNAinfo writes, “If you've got a little more building camaraderie, [Trainer Joey] Swidler suggests putting up a whiteboard filled out with standard workouts, letting neighbors keep track - as well as compete against one another.”

“It gives you something tangible,” Swidler said. “If you're on top of yourself, you're going to become more fit - you're going to look, perform and feel better.”

Help residents stick to their goals long-term Make sure you talk with your residents to see what kind of extra care and help they need to reach their fitness goals. Having a fitness center in your community is only beneficial to those who use it: encourage increased participation by getting involved with supporting your resident’s efforts.

Find out what they need, and then work to make it happen for them on a regular basis – it may open the door to other health-related events you can organize for your residents in the coming year.


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