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Holiday Events

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Felicia Norman  

White Elephant community Party Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  December 08, 2011   11867   3
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White Elephant community Party

I think this type of party would be fantastic for a community! They are really simple to set up and most people who have them place a reasonable price limit on the gifts. Here’s a couple of other ideas for your gift rules:

Re-gift—Everyone must bring a gift they would like to get rid of. This is a great idea if you want to have your party AFTER the Holidays.

Something from your home- Have everyone bring something they already own but just don’t want anymore.

Price limits – ranging from $5-$20

Gag gifts only – this might be my favorite!

I would suggest serving snacks, holiday cookies, and finger foods.

Here is a great resource for all the rules on a White Elephant Party to help with planning.


And don’t forget, advertise your event!!

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I love this idea for a couple of reasons. One, it is a great ice breaker as it engages all people present. Second, it is instant entertainment that goes on for awhile while people go back and forth seeing who will go home with the most coveted gifts. I once went to a dinner party where I only knew the host, but that only lasted a short time once we got into the gift exchange.

I wish I would have thought of this back when I was on site!

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We have monthly resident mixers, and a White Elephant was perfect for December. They had to bring something from home or if they wanted to buy something it was up to them. High participation and what fun it was! Will definitely do it again next year. I think the funniest thing someone brought was a holiday jar with nothing in it.

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