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Holiday Events

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Felicia Norman  

NFL Kick-Off Party! Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  August 15, 2011   4844   1
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NFL Kick-Off Party!

I may have posted this in the wrong category but the start of the football season IS a Holiday Event! So get out your team colors and throw a party for September 11th--kick-off day! Have employees and guests wear their team colors in support of their favorite NFL team. And what would a football party be without snacks! Chex Mix, Lil' Smokies, crackers, (beer?), and all the other finger foods that have become a football tradition!

Good luck to you and your team!

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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? Great idea for the kickoff, but the purpose of ANY event is to build camaraderie and value among the residents. Just throwing a party will feel good, but results are what we need to strive for.

Along the same lines, if your community has a budget for it, how about doing a weekly NFL Football Pool online and give weekly prizes. That way, if someone misses a week or two they will still be interested! There are 17 weeks of the regular season so you can see how much you want to budget. Give away something that only costs you labor like a free accent wall or something similar. You can find some great deals online at and where you can get half-priced gift certificates.

Also, if you are going to show the first weeks' game in your community room, host it with munchies, sodas, punch, water and such. After that, list this weeks' games that will be shown and have the community room for NFL games for the first two games on Sundays (1PM and 4:15PM Eastern time) and Monday night games. Have them be a BYO or a potluck event. Your residents will meet others with similar interests and it will be fun for them.

One note, please know what your residents are like. If you live near Oakland, this might not be a great idea as some Raider's fans can get a little rowdy. If the first hosted event goes well, then maybe try the others.

Owner's reply

Thanks Andrew! I have been swirling this event around in my head searching for ways to improve upon it and you have done just that! Thanks so much for the additional ideas and great advice!!!

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