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Holiday Events

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Holiday Cooking Class Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 02, 2010   3400   1
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Holiday Cooking Class

Create an environment where you residents watch food being prepared as well as eat delicious food in a fun relaxed atmosphere.  They can also pick up tips for thier own upcoming holiday parties. 

Have a local chef come in with a 3 course meal ready to prepare, cook and serve to your residents.  You will want to do this event early in the month of December so that your residents have time to take their tips back home with them to prepare for their upcoming parties.  Be sure to have the chef bring copies of the recipes as party favors for the residents!

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Kimberly Lee
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Great year-round event!

This event was always a hit with our international families, but really, anytime there is a cooking lesson, there will be people.

You can still do this without a kitchen in your clubhouse. You can use the model or an empty apartment. Or if you still want to do it at the clubhouse, cook everything in advance, but show the steps with a second batch, just like the old cooking shows used to do.

Another idea is to rent or buy an electric or gas burner, and use that for cooking.

This is really an all year round idea!

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