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Spice Up the Entry To Your Resident Event!
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Spice Up the Entry To Your Resident Event! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 06, 2016   4517   0
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Spice Up the Entry To Your Resident Event!

Sometimes we find event ideas that will most likely be filed away in the "probably not realistic, but still a fun idea" category, but they look so fun that we hope that someone will be brave enough to try it out!   Marc Lancaster shared this video, and we thought it would be a memorable addition to a resident event!  While we definitely wouldn't want to use the boiling water option  for safety reasons, the effect is really neat, and would be a perfect for a Halloween party!  A resident event's effectiveness is often limited to how memorable it is, and this definitely would get your residents talking!  The only question we don't know is how long the effect lasts.

Note:  While using only hot water (not boiling), we don't think that there are any safety concerns exactly, but we can't say for sure as we have not tried this ourselves!  So please consult your safety experts before attempting.  Update:  This is a great response by Jay Peters to Marc's initial post:  "Marc has turned into a mad scientists folks, don't try this stuff at home. Try it at your shop."    So again, this is probably best filed under "probably not realistic, but still a fun idea".

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