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Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt Hot

Written by Apartment Life On  December 01, 2010   4928   2
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Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

This apartment friendly approach to Trick-or-Treating gives residents an easy way to volunteer and children a unique way to safely celebrate this holiday.  Residents volunteer to be home and pass out candy for 1-2 hours.  Children are given clues to find the apartment homes with volunteers and candy.

Paper for fliers and clues
Small toys/prizes

Detailed Description
Begin in early October requesting trusted residents to be volunteers for the Halloween evening event.  Ask residents to be a "stop" for a Trick-or-Treat scavenger hunt, where the children are given clues to find their apartment.  Ask if they will supply their own candy, or if they would rather have some provided for them.  Keep a list and begin to sort the volunteers by building/floor/proximity to the next stop.  After collecting volunteers (try for 10-15), compile a finalized list of "stops" in the order you want the children to find them.  Make catchy clues to pass out to the children (we had ours meet us at the Clubhouse to receive their first clue).  Then, give each volunteer at your "stops" the clues to the next "stop."  (For ideas on catchy clues, see attached file, Sample Trick or Treat Clues.) It is also helpful to provide each door a marking so that the children know they have found the correct place (see attached "Trick or Treat" stop marker).  Copy a cheat sheet for the parents of the complete list, just in case anyone gets lost/confused along the way.  It would also be helpful to provide a map of your property.  At the final stop, give a clue for the children to meet you back at the starting point for one last prize, party, or a small carnival-type event (your choice depending on your budget and volunteers for the event).

Creative or special ways to promote event:
Have a big pumpkin in the office (or a pumpkin poster) with a sign sticking out of it, on it, or near it with the details

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