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Felicia Norman  

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt! Hot

Written by Felicia Norman On  March 22, 2011   5662   1
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Reverse Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey, why do the kids always get all the fun of finding Easter eggs?!?!? Let's switch it up on them this year and let the kids hide the eggs for the grown-ups!! I would have really enjoyed this as a kid since I was slightly jealous that only adults got to hide the eggs.

Here's how I would set this up:

1. Assign each kid who is "hiding" a number.

2. Give them a predetermined amount of plastic eggs to hide. Their number (or name if you skip step 1) will be contained inside the egg.

3. Have the adults find the eggs and turn them back in for recording and counting.

4. GIVE OUT PRIZES!! Assign a prize for First Egg Found, Middle Egg Found, and the Grand Prize for Last Egg Found! (or any other criteria you can come up with!)

As a suggestion, I might not let everyone know how prizes will be determined in order to avoid possible cheats.


***Another mini event that can be going on in your community center before, during, and after the hunt-----Marshmallow Peeps decorating or diorama contest. Have them out on the tables with ballot boxes in front and people can vote as they walk around.  The Washington Post has one of these contests every year. Here's a link to check it out!



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I think the kids would love it and the parents could make it be fun. Great idea!

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