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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Children-Friendly Events

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Bounce House and Inflatables Day Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 13, 2019   2584   0
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Bounce House and Inflatables Day

Get ready! Your community’s children (and parents) are sure to love this event!

Arranging a bounce house and other inflatables offers a day full of joy for your youngest community residents. Inflatables are every child’s dream!

Select a Theme + Invite Popular Kids’ Characters

We suggest picking a theme for the event to make it more fun. Ask parents to vote for the characters their children like best and then invite characters and rent inflatable bounce houses in that theme!

Also, invite popular costumed kids’ characters to the event. You can even keep papers handy as some children might want to get autographs from their favorite characters.

Planning the Event

Once you decide your theme, find a nice shady location for the event. This way the inflatable attractions won’t heat up as fast in the summer sun.



Image source: Simply the Best Events

***TIP*** Be sure to clear the bounce house areas from debris such sticks, rocks, and trash the day before.

It is important to choose your timings wisely if you’re planning a summer, outdoor event. Avoid the heat of the day (10 AM – 2 PM) when the sun is directly overhead. Pick a time when the nylon or vinyl will be cooler to touch.

***BONUS*** Have shelves, containers, or sheets nearby marked with “Shoe Parking” signs while kids play!


Plan different inflatable attractions for different ages. For example, choose a house with soft balls for smaller children and toddlers. Similarly, you can fill up the bouncy area of the inflatable with balloons.

Have residents play games with balls and balloons. For example, start a challenge of who can collect the most balls of a specific color.

For older children, consider renting an inflatable water park. This is especially fun for communities that don’t have a pool on site.

You would need to fill it up with water so it will take some time to set up. However, the effort will be well worth the happiness it will bring your community‘s residents!


Image source: Gem Weddings and Events

Snack Top-Up

If you like, provide snacks and refreshments to kids and parents.

Summer drinks such as virgin mint margaritas, frosty Capri Suns, ice pops, or lemonade, would make a wonderful combination with sandwiches or cookies.

Promote the Event on Social Media

Make the event into a major social media highlight!

Consider this event publicity for your community. Take lots of action shots of the event. Hiring a professional photographer for video coverage of t


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