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Hide and Seek in the Dark Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 16, 2019   5333   0
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Hide and Seek in the Dark

Want a night event with a wild and creepy vibe? Plan some games of hide and seek in the dark! For this event, you’ll only need enthusiastic participants and heavy darkness. To make the event most fun, plan it as an outdoor activity.

***TIP*** Give prizes to residents or teams who manage to stay hidden the longest!

Variations of the Game

While simply playing hide and seek in the dark can be fun, there are also some variations you can add to make hide and seek in the dark even more exciting.

Flashlight Tag

To play this version, you’ll need to designate a space as your home base. Select one resident to be “it.” This person will count to thirty while everyone else hides. The person who is “it” flashes their light around and “captures” people by shining their light on them! When someone is tagged by the flashlight; they go to the home-base. When all participants are found and captured in the home base, the game ends.

Sardine Version


This is a hilarious version of hide and seek in the dark that gets more fun the longer you play! For this version, one person hides, while all the rest of the players try to find them. Once the person in hiding is found, the other seekers try – one by one - to fit into the same hiding place.

The game continues till all the players are able to fit into the hiding place and the last seeker finds the group.

***BONUS*** Make sure to capture photos of the funny moments when players are trying to squeeze in tight spots and post them on social media.

Ghost Stories and Monsters in the Dark

What’s better than getting spooked sometimes? Make the residents sit down in the open air, in utter darkness, and share spooky stories.

You can also take turns making one resident sit alone in a corner and then all the other participants can try to scare them by making spooky noises, telling horror stories, etc.



Image source: Pixabay

***TIP*** To give this game an even more electrifying effect, you may want to play spooky sound effects such as creaky floorboards, wind whistling through the trees, or wolves howling.

Touch and Tell

This version of the game does not consist of the eerie element and may be better enjoyed by people who dislike the extra spooky effects. As simple as the name sounds, in this game, the participants have to touch a random object given by a participant while blindfolded and name the object.

You can make the game more challenging by choosing unusual objects. Make all the participants take turns guessing the objects.


***BONUS*** This event can easily be planned as a recurring event as it does not cost much (if anything) to put together and is loads of good clean fun.


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