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Children-Friendly Events

Learning Electrical Circuits - Making Circuit Blocks!
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Learning Electrical Circuits - Making Circuit Blocks! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  July 19, 2018   2859   0
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Learning Electrical Circuits - Making Circuit Blocks!

Support your community scientists and engineers with this amazing circuit-building event. Watch the video below with everything you need to know about putting this project together in your community.


Materials and Components


Power sources


The recommended power source for this project is batteries. Batteries provide direct current (DC) power: this means that their power current flows in one direction. We recommend 2 AA 3V battery packs.




In a circuit, the load in a circuit is anything that consumes the power. Aim for components rated for around 3V and for DC power.


Here are a few ideas:

  • LEDs
  • Motors
  • Buzzers
  • Doorbells
  • Fans
  • Incandescent strand holiday lights
  • Light bulb sockets.




Image source: How Stuff Works


Interrupts are any component that will interrupt the flow of energy from one component to the next. Consider making circuit blocks with interrupts like:


  • Buttons and switches - Pushbutton, Rocker, Slide, Push to break switch, Single pull single throw (SPST)
  • Potentiometers (e.g. dimmer switch)


Watch the full video to learn how to make the individual ring connectors and circuit component blocks, and put it all together!

Things to remember


Make sure that you purchase enough components for all children to participate. Make multiple stations with ample tools blocks, glue guns, soldering guns, and components. Have parents and staff available to help younger children with the activity and ensure everyone is able to make the blocks.


Once the blocks are finished, test the circuits as a group!


As communities and parents, it's important to provide safe, interesting, and exciting learning opportunities for our youth.


***BONUS*** Consider making monthly STEM-related activities a recurring event in your community.


Much like a coding boot camp helps to introduce young children to computer science, this circuit-building activity will inspire a life of engineering in your young residents! Now go out there and energize those circuits!


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