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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Get Messy Party Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 08, 2017   3398   0
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Get Messy Party

What’s the goal? To get messy!

At this event, residents will need to dress for mess! You won’t find any frilly party dresses here! Residents should be prepared to get wet and dirty. 

Be sure everyone’s wearing old clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. 

When we were kids it was fun to jump and slop around in the mud in the yard, though nowadays finding a safe space to play with abandon can be difficult. With this event, the aim is to make a fun - and safe - place for kids to dive into mess without parent’s nagging them to keep clean! 

This event also makes for great pictures too – so be sure to have a few camera’s on hand for capturing candid shots of kids getting wild!

Shaving cream slip and slide


Image: Plain Vanilla Mom

All that’s required to make this mess are some tarps and plenty of shaving cream. Be sure to put this on the grass somewhere because it does get slippery!

(Yes, we are going to use Mimi's home video to illustrate this - just imagine a MUCH bigger tarp/slip and slide and a lot more crazy kids!)

Edible finger paint

Image: MoonFrye

Mix whipped cream and food coloring to make colorful edible finger paint, put a tarp down on a table and give everyone paper plates to “paint” on.

**TIP** Make sure you have enough "paint" for everyone! Consider pre-mixing at least one cool-whip container, or two, for each color you want to put out.



Image source: Emaze

This is great fun because Oobleck is a special material - it behaves as both a solid AND a liquid!  So for example, if you slapped your hand down on it, it would feel solid, but if you picked it up, it would drip down between your fingers.  Find the directions you need to make it here.

For an even bigger mess – try mixing a whole kiddie pool full of the stuff!

**BONUS** you can also send families home with a stress ball filled with the stuff after the event. Here are full instructions.


Image source: YouTube

You can find the basic slime recipe in the video below. 

For added fun consider making magnetic slime by adding iron filings, or going big and filling a kiddie pool with the stuff!

You can either make one big batch, or have everyone mix their own individual portions with added colors and glitter of their choice!

If you can’t find borax – don’t fret – you can also make slime using clear glue and salt!

 Do you have what it takes to throw a messy party? If so, the result will be more fun that you expected!



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