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Good Grades Reward Program Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 03, 2012   6559   2
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Good Grades Reward Program
Do you reward any of the young people in your community for their grades? Wouldn't it be great to encourage students in your community to work harder in school by giving them some incentives? How about a "Grading Period Party"?

Here's what I would do. I'd have a pool party or dance or dinner every grading period and in order to get into the party, you don't need an invitation, just a report card with A's and B's! Check with your local school to find out how long a grading period is in your district. (Here it is every 6 weeks but other places may be 9 week grading periods) that would mean 4-6 events every year for those hard working students in your community. This is also a good way to get kids of all ages together. Your younger kids can learn from the high schoolers study habits and get help if they need it. Then your older kids can become a mentor to the younger ones. I think making these connections in your community between kids who value their education will definitely improve your neighborhood.

So go ahead, reward your good students so they can see that hard work pays off!

You may also want to consider having some sort of event in conjunction with your end of the school year party. Like creating a room for VIPs where the honor roll students can get pizza or play special games.

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