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Brent Williams  

Paper Airplane Design Contest Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  February 17, 2011   5300   1
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Paper Airplane Design Contest

This is categorized as a "kids event", but really it should be "kids and dads"!  I don't care how old I get, tell me to make paper airplanes and I am happy as a clam.

There are a lot of different things you can do with your paper airplane design contest, and here are just a few:

  1. Buy some airplane design books for kids to copy or draw inspiration from.  A quick search for "paper airplanes" on Amazon gives all sorts of options!
  2. Get a variety of papers - not just all white!  So make sure to pick up a variety of colors and SIZES!  You want some jumbo air liners, right?  How about the infamous Spruce Goose?
  3. This is a standard with almost any kids project, but make sure you have your colors, colored pencils, and possibly watercolors.  Don't bother with heavier paints though.
  4. Accessories can be fun, even if they are paper clips.  Put a paper clip on the nose of the plane, and it changes how it flies.  But you can also add stickers, glitter, and other design elements, as well.

At the end, it's time to give out prizes!  There are several categories you can give for:
  1. Longest distance flight
  2. Best in-air tricks
  3. Best design and color
  4. Most glitter-tastic
Hint:  If you do it near 4th of July or New Years, get some bottle rockets, attach one to a kid's airplane and liftoff!  (Don't let them handle any of this, of course)  Note: I have never tried this part out, but doesn't it sound fun?  However, you might want to test it out first to make sure the paper airplane doesn't affect the trajectory too much, making it fly dangerously.
Update!  Amanda Sherbondy of the Houston Apartment Association just shared that there is actually an Amelia Earhart Day on July 24th every year!  They just had their own paper airplane contest:
The HAA team celebrates Amelia Earhart Day by having a paper airplane flying contest. Kirsten Deagen took the prize for distance and Rachel Zoch took the prize for best decoration. As Amelia would say, "Adventure is worthwhile in itself."

Houston Apartment Association Paper Airplane contest

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