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Children-Friendly Events

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Stephanie Graves  

Make the Kids Market!! Hot

Written by Stephanie Graves On  January 26, 2011   6917   6
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Make the Kids Market!!
Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Have a kid painting/drawing party - kids come into the office and all the coloring supplies are there. They can draw a picture of "why they love living at ABC apartments". You then can either frame those photos and use them for a mini-model - put on easels in every room, call is the "Why our mini-resident love it here model". Or if you have them draw on 11 X 17 pieces of paper you can scan them and load into a calendar. One photo on each page with the child's name and age. Every parent gets 1 to post at their office (HELLO - FREE MARKETING) and you can sell them if they want more. Did this on Vista Print and for 20 calendar they ran about $8.50 per calendar.

We did have each parent sign a waiver releasing the print to us (have to handle the legal aspect, just in case!) There are lots of variations on this - think out of the box!


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Milisa Crouch
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Fun Event and Marketing Too!!!!!!

This is wonderful!!! I really like the way you can take the "event" and make it "marketable"!! Great thinking!!!!!!!! Love this!!!!

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Benefits in more ways than one

What a great idea!!! An activity for the kids, an inexpensive opportunity to decorate the property (office/mini-models) and a great idea for marketing!!! I absolutely love the calendar idea as well!! How fun! I love this!

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