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Video Game Tournament Fundraiser
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Video Game Tournament Fundraiser Hot

Written by Resident Events On  October 13, 2017   8174   0
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Video Game Tournament Fundraiser

Remember those long days of video games? The lazy summers and relaxing weekends? Or how about the classic 80s gaming movie The Wizard?

While your tournament may not be as exciting as a bunch of screaming tweens seeing Super Mario Bros. 3 for the first time, you can still have plenty of fun!

Recapture that competitive spirit with a video game tournament fundraiser!

Think your residents have what it takes to beat the competition playing all the old school favorites? Let’s go!

Gaming systems

If you have consoles of your own you can loan to the event, great!

However, if you don’t have systems you can use, you’ll need to hunt them down at a local electronics rental shop.

It’s up to you which brand you want to use, but I recommend going with either Xbox or PlayStation. Alternatively, a Nintendo Wii can be another fun choice for two- to four-player tournament play.

No matter which console you choose, it goes without saying that you’ll need a space where you can set up televisions, consoles, games, and equipment.

Organizing the tournament

Get ready to battle!


Image source: Pixabay

Ensure that participants sign up ahead of the event so you can plan accordingly. Download the PDF needed for the number of registered participants. To fundraise, collect an entry fee.

You can also use this as an opportunity to collect other kinds of donations as well – like children’s toys for Christmas, or canned goods to donate to a local food bank.

Whatever you choose, be sure to cover the cost of a prize for the tournament winner! You can even give away something like a discount on one month’s rent!

Give any fees you collect from residents right to the charity of your choice.

You can also make it easy for participants to sign up sponsors. Use websites like Sign Up Genius to help players sign up their friends and families.

Supporters can pitch in and donate a certain amount of money for each round participants make it through the competition.

Image source:

This will give participants an added incentive to play hard!


The best games for tournament involve quick scenes that can be battled in four-player mode.

However, before you choose your games, decide whether this is an adult only or child-friendly event. Be sure to read age restrictions on games and plan accordingly.

Here are a few ideas of games that may work well for a tournament:

·         Mortal Kombat – Mature 17+

·         Call of Duty – Mature 17+

·         Halo –Mature 17+/ Teen/Everyone (be sure to choose the right game for the age of your audience.

·         Street Fighter – Teen

·         Guitar Hero – Teen (for Lyrics)

·         Need for Speed –Teen/Everyone

·         Rock Band – Teen/Everyone

·         Mario Kart – Everyone

·         FIFA – Everyone



Image source: Veni Vidi Vici

You can also use longer single player games and set a time limit for players to make the highest score possible in 10 minutes.

Depending on how many residents sign up, you can move players through an elimination-style tournament or adopt a more elaborate system for fewer players.


These tips should have you planning the best game tournament ever!

While you may be missing the elaborate movie set props, your residents are sure to have a blast!

Title Image source: Mentalfloss


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