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Hobo Jungle Hot

Written by Holly Kutz On  October 26, 2011   5045   0
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Hobo Jungle
Bring your tin can and hand made spoon along with an extra can to echo to our Hobo Jungle. This event will start early in the week as we must elect a Hobo King and Queen for our Hobo Parade. Each candidate will post a poster saying why they feel they should be King or Queen and hang in the community room Monday by noon . (If no one enters I will do it for you and you never know who I will pick to put up on the wall) Election will be on Thursday at 10:00. Which ended up be Jackie Sanchez and Robert McCuthoen.
The food will be prepared by Ron Ingalls, migratory worker. He will make the tradition Mulligan Stew, (Beef Stew) and Jan Roehl, homeless vagabond will make the bread. This event actually happens in a city park (We decorated the hall way and community room), where the King and Queen come in first and the other hobos banging their spoons on their can follow for a tin can feast. Once the meal has ended it is traditional to have entertainment, and that is where Woody and his Friends will come in to play for an evening of dancing and fun.
We collected over two grocery carts full of food for echo and had a great time.


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I was lucky enough to attend this event. There was so much excitement and the event was such a wild event. Can goods and more filled the carts. Everyone one was in costume. I wish I could discribe the affair better. But hats off to everyone.

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