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Revitalizing The Clubhouse To Market Your Community
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Revitalizing The Clubhouse To Market Your Community Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 18, 2015   4969   1
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Revitalizing The Clubhouse To Market Your Community

This is going to be one of those strange events that has almost nothing to do with your actual residents.  I know that sounds strange, but bear with us.  Although our clubhouses can be absolutely beautiful, as they should be considering the investment we make in them, another descriptive word can also apply:  Empty.  Of course this does not apply to all communities, but oftentimes, the clubhouse is an attractive wasteland, used only to entice prospects into moving into the community, but not really serving much function beyond that.


So the next question is, "does it really matter"?  Does it matter that our community clubhouse is deserted?  Well, maybe not, but here are some thoughts we should consider about the apartment community clubhouse:


·         As we have discussed elsewhere, the value of your amenity often ties directly to how often your residents actually use it.  If they don't use it, they stop seeing it as a benefit.  Conversely, if they use it all the time, then there is a lot of value for them and it will impact their decision to renew!

·         But who wants to go hang out alone?  One of the main reasons people go to Starbucks, for example, is to simply be around other people.  So in order for the clubhouse to be a destination, it also needs activity to drive interest!  That, of course, creates a sort chicken and the egg scenario, doesn't it?  This means we need to somehow "jumpstart" activity so our residents see it as a destination.

·         An active clubhouse impacts leasing, as well!  Seeing a lot of people having fun and getting together is like your marketing brochure coming to life!

So, if we have established that a full, vibrant community clubhouse is a good thing, consider just one more thing:  Should we really limit it to residents?  That probably sounds a bit crazy, as it is supposed to be a benefit to residents exclusively, and we definitely don't want to make it a free for all with the entire surrounding community.  But frankly, the residents are not using the amenity anyway, and so having non-residents "jumpstart" the activity, might be a good solution!


So now let us get back to the original thought that started this entire "event" idea to begin with!  It occurred to us that there are a TON of mom's groups.  There is probably a mom's group for just about every locale in the U.S., if not several of them!  So, why not offer your clubhouse as their meeting spot?  Now you have a lot of fresh faces coming to the community, who might either need an apartment themselves, or might refer someone they know.  (Young moms still have a lot of non-moms who need apartments!)


Having the group join up at the community does exactly what you might hope - it creates activity and excitement around the amenity.  Plus, the risk is fairly low - the kids might break something every so often, so a small deposit might be needed, but they are not going to trash the place by any means.  It also might appeal to moms within your community and give them a good opportunity to bond with other mothers!



The idea can be replicated for all sorts of groups that like to meet up but don't have a place to do so.  Even though you are giving away something, you are also getting something in return, so consider ways to maximize your community clubhouse!

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