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Community Clubhouse Parties Hosted By Residents
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Community Clubhouse Parties Hosted By Residents Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 11, 2013   6056   1
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Community Clubhouse Parties Hosted By Residents

A while back we asked what people’s best apartment party idea was, and one person responded, “Allow your clubhouse for wedding showers, baby showers, etc for free”.  Granted, this isn’t an event that is meant to be provided for residents, so we weren’t sure if it should be shared on Resident Events, but there were some unique benefits to doing so, so we thought we would throw it out there to chew on.  Here are some benefits we brainstormed by implementing this:

1)      Value add for the residents.  Having a location open to them, even if they don’t use it, would definitely something valuable to your residents.

2)      Great marketing opportunity.  These events will be predominantly for non-residents, so it’s a great apartment marketing opportunity to showcase your community and clubhouse.  And even better, it shows off the clubhouse actually being used, which can be rare for a lot of communities!

3)      Speaking of clubhouses not being used, it is a great way to use an asset that sits largely untouched except for when seen by prospects.

4)      If prospects happen to be visiting the community, what a great site to see the clubhouse so lively with a party!

5)      Creates a sense of activity, even by residents not invited.  A lot of amenities don’t get used simply because they are forgotten.  Having events at your community clubhouse helps showcase the amenity to the residents.

6)      Builds absolutely amazing marketing collateral!  Maybe part of the “deal” of getting to use the clubhouse is that a picture of the event can be included in marketing materials for the community!  Then, you possibly have great pictures of lively, fun events that you can showcase in your office or in marketing materials.   (Permission from attendees required)

If you do this, however, make sure you have a deposit for any damage done during the event.  Speaking from experience as a renter who had a party in college at a community clubhouse, unforeseen things can happen!

Bonus Idea:  Network with event planners and offer up your clubhouse inexpensively to non-residents.  This results in extra income plus more apartment marketing opportunities.

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