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Apartment Marketing

Let's Make A Deal Apartment Marketing Event
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Brent Williams  

Let's Make A Deal Apartment Marketing Event Hot

Written by Brent Williams On  September 30, 2011   5252   2
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Let's Make A Deal Apartment Marketing Event

In a moment of inspiration today, I thought about the TV show, Let's Make a Deal, and wouldn't that be a neat concept to apply to a vacant unit for apartment marketing?  As many of you might be thinking, "Huh?", let me explain.  If you haven't watched Let's Make a Deal before, take a look at the video below, but the basic concept is that the show simply gives away prizes, but it is up to the contestant which prize they receive.  A lot of times, there is a small prize or two and then a prize behind a giant curtain.  As everybody knows, you can't just assume the best prize is behind the big curtain, so it's a game to determine which prize you should choose!

So instead of a big curtain, why not use a vacant apartment as marketing?  Why not advertise it as a big event, where you will be giving away some great prize?  Then everybody shows up by the apartment's front door, and you give them options on which prize they want.  That way, you can "reveal" one of the prizes that is inside the vacant unit (or model).

They also modify the game where the first person gets to select between two prizes.  Once he/she selects, another contestant gets to select between the leftover prize and yet a third prize.  And then they have a third contestant involved as well.  I'm not exactly sure the logistics - if anybody knows, please leave a comment below!

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