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Apartment Marketing

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Fall "Open House" Hot

Written by Kimberly On  December 02, 2010   12469   9
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Fall "Open House"

Back in the early fall, my community found itself with quite a few available units. In order to market these units, my community hosted a Fall Open House. By enlisting the help of various vendors from the surrounding area, several apartments were choosen to be highlighted for the event. The vendors brought thier wares and set up a booth in an assigned vacant apartment.  Each vendor also donated a gift item to be given away at the end of the day as well as advertised the event from thier place of business.  Avertising was shared by all involved. We also used an e-vite invitation and invited all current residents, as well as previous visitors.  (Another reason for gathering those e-mail addresses!)  Visitors were asked to visit the leasing office before touring the property, they were given a card that required a number of stamps from the vendors in order to be entered for the drawing at the end of the day.The day was quite successful. The residents enjoyed the outing while visiting the vendor booths and the visitors were able to view the property at there leisure. The cost to host the event was only about $250 and resulted in 3 leases for the day and several return visits the following week. The vendors shared in the wealth as well by increasing their customer base.

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Turning vacants into little shops? Great idea!

I LOVE this idea! It's like setting up little shops in all of your vacant units! And I like how you integrated the "game" of getting stamps from the vendors, too.

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Great for lease ups too!

I think this would be really good for lease ups too!!!

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Great Idea for Lease Up

This is a great idea for lease up. We have a new senior property and are planning to use this idea with a little twist. We plan to contact agencies that offer services to seniors and set up a mini senior expo.

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