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Spring Cleaning = Summer Fun! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 17, 2021   1941   0
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Spring Cleaning = Summer Fun!

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning. Especially not spring cleaning. But it’s simply one of those things that must be done, and the drastic shift in the weather is usually the best time to knock it out. So why not help your residents out by hosting a yard sale? It’s one of the main things you miss out on by living in a multifamily dwelling, but there are ways to help your residents get rid of that old junk and clean out their storage rooms! All you need are a few tables and signs, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a fantastic yard sale.

Start off by ADVERTISING. This is the most important step. If you don’t advertise, you’ll get virtually no visitors and no visitors means no sale. You can advertise in your local paper, social media garage sale sites, and your property’s Facebook or Instagram. Any way you can get the word out, do it! The more buzz you create, the more visitors you’ll get, especially when the weather is perfect for those yard sale hunters that crave a bargain.

Get old fashioned with it! In the days before social media and Facebook pages, people used signs to guide thrifters to their sales. Grab a few signs from your local store, or make your own with some poster board and markers! Create something attention grabbing and informative and you’re sure to get a horde of Saturday morning early risers stopping by to see what your residents have to offer. Make sure to include the address, date and time in large, easy to read lettering. You can post signs at corners near your property, and guiding all the way up to your front door to make sure they know where they’re going.

Finally, make sure your residents have everything they need. Make sure to provide trash cans for clean-up. Tables can be rented inexpensively, and you can take a tally of who might need one for the big day. It’s a huge help to the residents participating at little cost to the property’s event budget. You could even set up a refreshments table for visitors with information about the property. That way, you might even get a lease or two out of the event.

No matter what, yard sales are always a hit. Giving your residents a place to clean out their old things makes room for the new, and also keeps them from overflowing their apartments and storage units!

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