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Grab A Lunch To Go! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  June 03, 2021   1527   0
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Grab A Lunch To Go!
We all know that everyone loves free food. In the summertime, you have plenty of residents that are home and take care of kids that are out of school. Whatever the case may be, providing a lunch during the summer can not only help out parents with kids at home for the summer, but those looking to save a few bucks in the current economic climate.

The best part is, it’s super easy to do with little prep work and little effort! You can do one big lunch where your residents can grab a lunch to go, or you can make it a weekly thing!

You can start with bag lunches filled with sandwiches and snacks, or you can have lunch catered if you have the budget for it. Kids are so easy to please if you’re providing an alternative to school lunches that aren’t present in the summer, and most of your adult residents will be so appreciative for a complimentary lunch.

If you choose to, you can even host a ‘Make Your Own Lunch’ bar, and provide different entrees (pre-packaged, of course), chip choices, and other snacks to throw together. You’ll get to converse with residents, and they’ll get to pick their lunch for the day! If you have lunch catered, it could be even more customized, and you could try a yummy new option every week!

Overall, this is a super easy event idea. All you have to do is find the food, and you’re done! Either way, you’re making lots of residents super happy, and it’s a really low key event to handle!

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