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Movies & Summertime! Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 07, 2021   1494   0
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Movies & Summertime!
Everyone knows that the best time for outdoor activities is summer time. As soon as that cold brisk wind takes its leave and the sun is shining every day, no one wants to be stuck indoors! Throw your property an outdoor movie night and watch your residents come out in troves for a chance to soak up the beautiful weather even after the sun goes down.

There’s so many ways to pull off a successful movie night, but here are just a few to get you started! Don’t have the budget for a full blown screen set up? Grab a plain white sheet and rent a projector from a local rental store or you can borrow one from your local library if they will permit it! This is by far the most cost effective way to throw a super fun movie night without the price tag.

If you do have the budget for it, go all out! This is one event that you want your residents to remember, so it’s okay to allocate a little more towards this event. Check with your local rental companies to rent a huge movie screen, and pick a movie that fits the season.

For example, if you’re showing your movie in the spring time, a classic like My Girl or Avengers would be a huge hit! If you’re showing your movie in the heart of summer, you can’t go wrong with any The Goonies, or even an old horror classic like I Know What You Did Last Summer or Jaws. The movie options are absolutely endless, just make sure they are appropriate as you will most likely have kids in attendance. One thing to keep in mind – it’s never a good idea to show a super long movie. Try to stick to around the 90 minute mark to avoid dragging it on too long!

Snacks are also a staple for a great movie night! You have the obvious choices like popcorn and candy, but make it interesting! Rent a popcorn machine for that fresh buttery popcorn you’d get at the movie theater, and boxes of individual candy to give the ultimate movie experience. After all, theaters have been closed for far too long and your residents are probably missing their movie date nights! Don’t skimp on the snacks, that’s for sure!

Movie nights are by far the most popular and most successful property events of all time, mainly because they are so easy to put together and there’s so many ways you can pull it off. Besides, who doesn’t LOVE movies?

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