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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Food Truck Frenzy - Free Downloadable!
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Barbara Savona   

Food Truck Frenzy - Free Downloadable! Hot

Written by Barbara Savona  On  April 28, 2021   1621   0
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Food Truck Frenzy - Free Downloadable!

For some reason we think food that’s made in a truck just tastes better… hence our love for food trucks <3. A food truck event is a great way to spoil your residents any day of the week. 

Plus, there are so many benefits to hosting a food truck at your community: 

  • Added-value to residents: You are making their day-to-day easier because they don’t have to cook and clean. 
  • Support for your neighborhood: You are supporting a local business and helping them get their name out there to your residents aka hundreds of potential customers. 
  • Grow both of your social media followings: Have both your community and the food truck post about the event on social media. This way you can gain exposure from each other’s followers. Win-Win! 


  • Make a list of yummy food trucks in your area and contact them to see if you can book them for a few hours at your community! With less foot traffic in their normal locations, this is a great opportunity for your community to support local businesses! 
  • Promote your food truck schedule or day at your community with this downloadable flyer, social square graphic, and Instagram Story template. Share it in high-traffic areas, on social media, and post it on your resident portal.
  • During the event, take some pictures of the food and the fun! Share it on social media both in a post and on your Instagram Stories in the moment. Pro tip: Make sure to tag both your location, tag food truck, and use a hashtag like #[insertcity]foodtruck to increase your reach outside of just your following. 



Don’t just stop there! An event with a local business like that get’s your foot in the door. The next step is to continue to build that value with residents and potential residents long term. See if that local business would be willing to: 

  • Provide A Perk for Your Residents: Provide your residents with an exclusive discount or coupon to use at their business. You both win from something like this because your residents will provide that business with a steady flow of traffic while you get to provide more value for your residents over your competition. 
  • Provide You With Gift Cards: Use these gift cards for leasing and/renewal perks. You can also use them for social media contests. As you promote these, the business gets online exposure consistently while you get a boost in occupancy and retention. 


 Get more great event ideas like this along with the caption templates, flyers, and social graphics to bring it to life. 


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