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Personal Branding Workshop Hot

Written by Resident Events On  September 26, 2019   2687   0
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Personal Branding Workshop

Great personal branding separates the “haves” from the “have-nots.” Successful entrepreneurs and other professionals are masters at creating and maintaining their personal brands.


In this new era of online business and social media, it takes more than just a great portfolio of work to make it big. Residents also need to build an engaged audience, offer expert opinions and advice, and use their connections to create a steady income.


This personal branding workshop event is perfect for college-age communities, aspiring singers and models, and all those who aspire to be Instagram-influencer types. It’s also a great how-to event for anyone who is working on starting their own business, side hustle, or freelance job. 


About Building a Personal Brand


Topics of interest can include:


Managing Online Reputation – This portion of the event would include Googling oneself, searching, and analyzing what shows up online and then working to manage one’s online reputation.

Teach residents how to counteract negative press on the first page of Google with new, positive press mentions. Teach residents how to write a press release and perfect their pitches to journalists.


It's important for residents to monitor what information about them is available out there. This both helps when job searching and also when working to grow a personal brand.



Image via Pixabay


How to Build a Personal Website. Cover all the basics: from buying a domain name to creating an online resume website to highlight professional and accomplishments. 


***BONUS*** Hire a local photographer for the day and have residents come dressed to take their professional photos. Hire a local photographer to shoot residents for their personal websites and social media profiles. 


Get Social. Help residents make a content posting calendar for their website blogs and social media profiles. Remind residents that creating regular and consistent content is key to an active personal brand. 


***TIP*** For aspiring models, actors, and other show-business types, have a talent agent or modeling agency representative come in and give tips and suggestions for those just starting out.


Key takeaways from this event include helping residents understand the importance of carefully curating and monitoring their public information and online presence. This includes social posts, public records, and Google search results. 


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