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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Coffee and Cookies with Cops Hot

Written by Resident Events On  August 01, 2019   1671   0
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Coffee and Cookies with Cops

This community-growth and development event will help you establish or nurture a healthy relationship with your local police department.


One of the easiest ways to connect with local law enforcement is to get involved with Coffee with a Cop to search for opportunities in your area. 


If you can’t find an event there that works with your resident community’s timings, plan one of your own! A trip to your local police department can start the conversation. Get in contact with your local PD, explain your needs, and work to set something up.


Here is what an event might look like:


Hosting a meet and greet session with local law enforcement is powerful and beneficial to your community in many ways.


Create a Safe Space for Meeting


When your community takes the time to meet at a safe neutral location, it allows opportunities for real conversations about the kinds of issues that matter. Ensure you have a relaxing space with comfortable chairs, hot coffee, warm cookies, and even soothing background music!


Hosting the event inside your community allows for a casual atmosphere. This isn’t a

forum at city hall or a protest march; this is community members sitting at a table and addressing concerns over cookies and coffee.


Make it Casual and Conversational


The relaxed atmosphere of this event makes it easier for both residents and cops to drop the masks. They’re able to relate to each other in a safe space. This event provides an opportunity for residents to sit down with officers to both ask questions and share concerns on their minds.


***TIP*** Encourage residents to bring their own questions and discussion topics. But do also have a strong moderator who can take control of the discussion and redirect it back to the topic at hand if needed.




Work to Build Trust


The great thing about this resident event is that everyone can get to know each other in a short amount of time. They can communicate and connect over mutual goals for the community they both live in and serve. 


While the informal town-hall type session is great for adults, you may also want to include families with young children in on the experience as well!



You can either have a shorter informal meeting session for kids or stick to more exciting things kids will enjoy.


For example, cops can let kids sit in a cruiser and turn on the lights, try on a spare uniform and vest, or get their picture taken with the cop(s) at your event.


Have a great time! But remember, depending on the timing of the event and current struggles in your community, the discussion could get heated. Have some conflict de-escalation techniques up your sleeve to return the talk and negotiations to a quieter more respectful level if needed.



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