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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Yappy Hour Pet Grooming Hot

Written by Resident Events On  May 30, 2019   1566   0
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Yappy Hour Pet Grooming

It’s officially summer! This exciting event is for your community residents and their beloved pets.

For fully professional and insured services, we suggest inviting a local pet grooming business to the community. Negotiate with local providers to offer their services to residents at discounted rates.

Let your residents know about the event well in advance. This way they can come prepared with their pets and fully enjoy the services!

Create Stations for Each Different Grooming Activity

We suggest making different stations for the various pet grooming activities. Some suggestions for the stations are:

·         Bath station

·         Blow drying station

·         Hair cutting station

·         Nail trimming station

·         Ear cleaning station

***BONUS*** If you can get a local vet on board, consider adding free pet health screenings as well! 


Image source: Pixabay

***TIP*** Collaborate with the pet grooming business regarding the things they will need on site and arrange the place accordingly.

You may also need some volunteers to help with pet grooming if you expect a big turnout! 

If you don't want to bring out a pet grooming company, you can still call a local company to ask their advice. Then, purchase the needed supplies and ask residents to treat their pets using the equipment provided.

***TIP*** Make sure that the pets have name tags of their owners so they do not get lost. Also, have extra leashes and collars on hand for those that may have forgotten them at home.

Make it Amusing and Fun!


Image source: She Knows

To add to the vibrancy of your event, get creative with pet grooming! This can include dying pet hair, painting nails, or adding cute bows and accessories.

When dying hair, it is important not to use dyes with harsh chemicals that can cause harm to the pets. Non-toxic and chemical-free ways to make pets look funky include using food colors to dye pets’ fur, pet hair sprays, or fur chalks.

Alternatively, you may ask the pet grooming company to include hair dying services for your community residents.

Dress Them Up


Image source: Worldwide Whiskers

Last, but not the least, ask the residents to bring along fun costumes and dress up their pets! These can include collars, caps, wigs, etc. It’s always a delight to see pets dolled up.

***TIP*** Remember to capture funny shots of the groomed pets. Put lots of pictures up on your social media. You can also allow community voting for the best-groomed pets and send the winner a prize!

Serve Pet Food

Once the resident pets are all groomed up, treat them with food so they’re fully content.

Ask online food companies to sponsor your event with a few bags of food and treats, or buy a few different foods for picky eaters.


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